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The Seed of all Creation – The Key to Our Eternal Evolution

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Today I found myself  contemplating on Sacred Geometry, Cells, the Human vessel and the seed of all life, the flower of life, the Creator Genome. The Seed of all creation. The very essence of all life.

I found myself looking for cell mitosis videos and seeing the similarity between the cells splitting and the flower of life and then “eternity, eternal, infinite possibilities. Life is ever changing, advancing, moving, it does not stagnate. It does not stop. The human vessel is altering and evolving in the very heart of our DNA.


I believe the flower of life/seed of life points us, and has done through time, to the vastness and omnipresence within us. That we are all one and all part of the All. The flower of life to me is eternal. A never ending magnificent journey. From the very first life form to the continous evolution and as humans we find ourselves in the very heart of this altering. It is truly magnificent.

Our DNA strands somehow resembles “Jacob’s Ladder” – many signs of source, nothing new to us, just contemplation thereof. Knowing the beauty that lies within each and every vessel. That there is a whole universe within us and a whole universe we are part of. From micro to macro. Gentle reminders from Source that we are  so divinely created.

I could see through some videos that I was musing over to do with cellular mitosis the similarity between the Flower of life and these cells. This may be nothing new but it is fascinating nonetheless.


I was just reminded that life is infinite, as we ourselves are infinite, as as we transcend and move beyond the physical, life never ends, it is eternal. It is our form that alters nothing more. We are eternal beings of life and Source has sent us clues that we pick up along the way. Light is eternal.


We are part of the universe and the universe is part of us.

We are at one with Source and Source is at one with us.

Never ending spirals……..everlasting light….eternal connection to the divine.

Author: Metatronia Foundation of Light (MTFOL)

Metatronia Therapy Founder, Metatronia Foundation of Light, Asension Mentor, Archangel Metatron Scribe, Source Light Integrator, Spiritual Mentor/Trainer/Quantum Vibrational Healer/Divine Intuitive

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