Trust in Source’s “Divine Intervention”


Source has a wonderful way of bringing things to you, circumstantial, evidential, actual, physical. Open all of yourself to the mechanisms of Source – trust, love, expansion, surrender.

Source knows what is required for every step of your journey, every breath you take is orchestrated by source. Source knows exactly when to “divinely intervene” and does so in many magnificent ways.

Even when you feel something is happening that you have little to no control over, rest assured that there is help at hand and a divine light orchestrating every situation. For every prayer that is sent out is received.

Every wish that is sent out is heard, every heart that is sad is lifted, every situation that no longer serves is renewed.

Have faith in the workings of Source. Let yourself be fully open to receive the abundance within the universe that assists you in living life as love, in love, being love, feeling love, sensing love, experiencing divine love, all aspects of love. Let it all go….let the love light flow, let source assist you as it will, for it knows….and will jump in when a situation requires altering. Allow the flow of divine love. Know that you are not alone on this journey.

For you to know that you are supported every step of the way. Source light will bring and light your path, even in the very darkest of moments”.

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