Lightbody, Lightbody Vehicle & Activation


Your lightbody is an integral part of you. It does not require activation. Many claim to assist you in activating it but the truth is that it is already activated. What is required is the conscious awakening and knowledge of the Lightbody rather than its activation. If it was not already activated you would not be sitting here now reading this!

The lightbody is responsible for the vibration that gives life to the human form. Without the light it would not be a living form. You would basically not exist. The light sustains all life and gives energy to all things. If your lightbody was not activated then you would not be a living, breathing vessel. This is why we must awaken to the truth of our divine makeup. The very essence of christed light that we are, so divinely designed.

We are not a 3D being. We are a Star, a multi-vibrational-dimensional lightform. Connected to the very light that created the ALL. This is why we are able to open, awaken and transform our vibration the very moment we surrender unto the ascension path.

Awakening to our true divinity. Connecting to all that we are and feeling the truth through Source vibration. So be wary of any claims to “Activate” the very heart of your being, for it is already alive and on fire with the codings of the Christed one. Your very consciousness is what needs to be “activated”. Your “Higher” consciousness is what will awaken you to the higher vibrational dimensions. Your Lighbody is not separate from you. It is the very essence of who you are, and why you are.

Your LBV System is part of you. It always has been. You would not exist without it. When you begin to work with your Greater Light Body vehicle you begin to expand in your consciousness to learning and acceptance that you are more than what you currently believe yourself to be.  But it is more than this:

You are not just a Human in a physical body. You are Soul, Spirit, light, first and foremost, exploring this dimension from within your Lightbody/Celestial Body. Part of which is the LBV. This is your Greater (Light) Body. (Gematria body) Your higher garment formation. This is NOT OUTSIDE OF YOU. IT IS your true formation.

Once you grasp the concept of this, then your journey will be a great one, of freedom, of salvation, of true knowledge and participation with the great Oneness.

“We can  no longer carry the burdens of the 3D mindset – the old ways of being. We must be free from our “old self” to find our true state of being in order to ascend”.

The Earth and Universal energies are altering, as man is evolving…we must therefore expand our practice to include lightbody awareness and connection in order for us to evolve with the Light that is us and to be as one with that light on a vibrational/energetic level.

  • It is into the light omnipresent that we are born.
  • It is through the light omnipresent that we truly live.
  • It is through the light omnipresent that we sense, feel and know, the great connection that is with us all.
  • For the light is what connects us to all that is, and the light is what brings us to who we truly are…

The Lightbody is not about exacts or trying to fathom how it works. The lightbody is part of you, your divine light matrix. We are not privy (open) to the divine mechanics. What we are open to is the knowledge, through vibration, that the lightbody exists and is an integral and intrinsic part of our divine make-up. The lightbody cannot be activated for it is already alive and alight with the codings of Source. Your part is to become consciously aware of its ”existence” and enhance through the physical. Aligning and igniting your full divine light essence, in turn, ascending into your self mastery. At one with the One. It is through simplicity and surrender that the truth of the Lightbody is revealed unto you.

Lightbody Vehicle & Lightbody are as One

  • Man must raise his conscious vibration in order to connect to the higher light vibrations within the Universe.
  • It is often called a “vehicle” as it transports us to higher vibrational dimensions
  • The MerKaBah – Vehicle of Light – is the only method where man can reach these higher realms.
  • The Vehicle, the mechanics, that bridge the two worlds – the earthly, physical incarnate meets with the eternal, universal, omnipresent One Divine Light. But this is not separate to you! It is the “Consciousness vibrational level” that ascends/rises and enables you to “connect & journey”.

Your LBV is not fixed. We must acknowledge that our LBV is ever expanding, like a flower opening into full bloom, ever altering in line with our own Ascension vibrational journey. Crystallized Diamond in its formation. Sacred Geometric Flowering matrix.  Nothing is set in stone. THINK INFINITE EXPANSION…..THEN YOU ARE CLOSE!…”

“If you are looking for exacts or for someone to turn this all on for you then you are way off! The Lightbody connection can be felt in the calm serenity and the dwelling place of deep sanctity that resides within each Human. It cannot be placed or manufactured by the linear mind. It cannot be learned or applied through academic instruction. The Lightbody dwells in a vibrational place, that once united and connected with will forever enhance the human experience for you will open up the true vibrational essense of who you so divinely are”.

Gathering insight from the Masters through Time

Thoth Emerald Tablets – Tablet 3

“Man is a star bound to a body”.

leonardo merkabah 3

“Grows he in time to the formless, Know ye, ye must become formless before ye are one with the light”.

(The Emerald Tablets – Tablet 8)

“Man has a natural light, but also a light outside the light of nature by which he can seek out supernatural things… And it should be known that when a man prophesies, he does not speak from the Devil and not from the Holy Spirit, but from the innate spirit of the invisible body in which man has his origin.”



(Extracts from the Lightbody Workshop, workbook and teachings)

Tammy L Majchrzak

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