Light Mechanics – Water Osmosis

DNA strand 1

As the codings of Source Light enter our vessel (Body) there is much that occurs. There is a very magnetic and electrical form to Source although we may never know the exact make up, we know that there is this electrical magnetism in the light. A kind of Osmosis that occurs as the cells take on more light. Filtering, releasing, adjusting through the electromagnetic spectrum.

Water is necessary – Our vessel requires water in order to assist the energetic uptake of the light’s frequency. The water acts as a conduit, to assist the “Osmosis” and “Oscillation” of the magnetic current. But does it go beyond magnetism? Source has a very magnetic pull to it, as it keeps all in great unison, in great order, just as the planets have their movements, they too are kept in such divine order by the great magnetism. It is a force beyond any measure or weight or description, but we can try and understand to a certain degree. So the water acts not only as a conduit and assisting hydration but it works beyond this. Water aids as a recepticle for the light to be held and transported within the vessel. It helps with the rhythmic patterns of the light as it journeys throughout our physical form, acting as a kind of harness and attraction for the divine frequency.

As Source light enters our system there are many sensations. Some report of a sensation of “Bobbing”, moving back and forth rapidly, and as sense of whirling. This is partially due to the light particles entering the system as vibration and creating a whirlwind, magnetised vibrational pull.  The greater the spin, the greater the magnetism. Rather like the workings of a planet: 1) a liquid conducting (metallic) (Crystallined) interior and rapid rotation.  

Your vessel is being ignited with the light of the one and we feel this very strongly as pulsating, rhythmic, pulling light. lifting our vibration, recalibration of the electrics.

All our physical body functions are controlled by electricity. The human body acts like a “piezoelectric crystal”- “Marcel Vogel, the world-renowned crystal expert, has pointed out that the human energy field exists as an array of oscillating energy points that have a layered structure and a definite symmetry, and that these properties fulfill the definition of a normal crystal in material form”. –

“Blood and nerves and certain other parts of the body are electrical conductors.  Nerves must conduct electricity because that’s basically how they operate.  Many of the cells in your body are loaded with mobile ions like Calcium in order to perform their basic functions, and blood carries ions both to deliver them where they’re needed and to maintain osmotic pressure and acidity”. – water conducts electricity!  – some basic physical aspects, but it goes beyond this. Our form is beyond the physical. 

Source vibration is beyond measure but what we are beginnning to fathom is that the human body is also beyond solid structure and form, it has a higher vibrational aspect that links into the divine dynamics of the Universe. It is all so divinely put in place and works in great unison. The Human body has been designed as a receptor and conduit of and for divine light.

Source light begins to alter the vibrational spin within the body, creating and causing a great release and ALIGNMENT/RECALIBRATION mechanism, which is then felt in the physical, mental and emotional bodies. When the vibration of something is altered, then there becomes change. When the vibration of something is negative then positive energy alters that vibration, bringing it in line with the divine. That is how source assists us. It alters our vibration so that we begin to resonate at our optimum level. Lifting our light. Raising our vibe.

Metatron guides us that only so much is revealed, some has to be fathomed, but ultimately in our surrender we begin to fully understand beyond words. To feel is to know. What is there to fathom? Just reside in the bliss as you awaken to the divine.

As humans we try and fathom and work out and have to have exacts for something. Perhaps when we fully let go and trust, is when we will begin to understand the mechanisms of Source. Somethings are just out of our control and just are. As we just are as we have been so intelligently and divinely designed.


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