Every thought you have is frequency, every thought you have links directly to your emotional state. How you feel is how you think, how you think is how you feel. You are the creator of your thoughts; your emotions are the creation of how you think.

So with this in your mind, what are you thinking? How are you thinking? How are you feeling about yourself today? Do you constantly berate yourself, or do you think happy thoughts, for with stillness of mind comes a frequency of equilibrium. Through this balanced frequency of no thoughts comes emotional stability…so bearing all this in mind, you are indeed what you think and feel, your health is also affected by what you think and feel, your physical, emotional and spiritual balance therefore depends on the way you think and feel, ultimately about how you view yourself…so love you, be you, bring light and love into your frequency every day and see how you begin to feel and change in how you are each day…daily practice is necessary. To reach that beautiful equilibrium of peace, calm and tranquility, and ultimately mastery of stillness…this is part of your awakening/ascension journey, practice it every day…until it becomes second nature, to be still and know.

We are finding that the more we begin to connect with the deep silence within us, that is not always doing, but practicing just being, we find that our lives become different, we become more focused, our attention span lengthens, we are more in the moment. Our mind is free, our thoughts light. Try and be in this moment as much as you can…it takes practice but is far easier than the way you may have been doing things, thinking and doing all day. Filling the mind with endless chitchat…. free up your thoughts, live from the heart, find that beautiful stillness within. This practice is preparing us for greater connections with the Divine energies, Universal energies and those of the Archangels, who wish us to be still and know…that from this great stillness, we begin to surrender, and begin to be open to receive so much more. Xxx

Don’t overthink, in fact can you begin to practice not thinking? Not having to have answers for everything, being free within your mind will open you up to so much more. Have a go…just be, in this moment, and be open to receive…it will show you different energies that work around you, and will help you to come out of the mental body, out of the separated consciousness, moving back into the Oneness…have a go…. just allow yourself to be…Do not fear this, for there is nothing to fear other than that which you create for yourself…

As our frequency is raised we may notice that we are more spaced out than usual…if this is how you feel at times, then focus on your toes, and focus on your heart beat…allow yourself to ground within the physical body so that you feel that connection…. deepen the breath and ask for the process to be slowed down a little, your Soul is enjoying this journey, but also the soul is not feeling pain, if you are uncomfortable at any stage then just ask for the process to ease up a little, we are still kind of in the driving seat here, and when things feel a little uneasy…ask for things to slow down a little….I have just done this and found a great inner peace, that yes the journey is still unknown but that we are looked after by the divine light… I am settling into the process more and in the driving seat more so than before.

Going with the flow is important, letting go etc., but also, being aware of the process and if some things feel as if they are happening a little too fast, just say whoa! Your angels and guides hear you and the divine energies hear you…this is your journey after all!

These changes are happening to every single soul on the Earth, some are moving through at a faster pace than others, this is when it can feel overwhelming, but just allow yourself to be, in this moment, and see the releases as just that, and things will pass, and underneath you will find greater understanding.”

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