The awakening of Man

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There is a great love and feeling surfacing within us. We have waited a long time for a reunion of sorts, a coming, a light to shine the way for us. Millions have been waiting for many many years. We wait for a person, a master, a guide to bring that energy back to us, to come in physical form, to lead us to show us, to bring us home.

The feeling is here, not in physical manifestation but it is here. The Light of the One. It lies within each of us, so radiant so bright. We no longer need to wait the becoming of a messiah, but perhaps to look within ourselves to the awakening of something majestic within us, that lies in the heart of each and every Being. The One Light shines forth, it has never left us. We wait for the coming, the beginning of a new world. It is for us to see, to open, to ascend, to trust in this knowing that the light we wait for is within us. Waiting for us to open and to surrender to this divine glorious light.

Behold the new dawning is upon you, each and every one of you. Wait not for a coming of the physical, rather the knowing of the light that is already within you. Distraction, longing for something that resides within the very heart of you. This light is growing and expanding. We are feeling the pull daily as it gets stronger.

The awakening has begun, the awakening to the full conscious knowledge of the connection that the One has within each of us. Allow yourself to open to it. Trust in this. It is not something out of your reach or that you wait for, but the keys are within you to feel this glorious, divine light, the omnipresent vibration of the One. For it grows stronger, and will grow stronger still, the more you let go and surrender the more you will feel. This light is upon us. Something magical is occurring and within every man and woman, within everything that exists this light flows through it.

“For it shall come to you in the form of energy, vibration, feeling, sensations, a deep feeling of belonging of love of eternal light. It shall come to you through light transmission, of purity, of love, of joy, of great harmony felt within the physical form. It shall come to you through instance understanding and conscious recognition. The awakening of man has begun.Behold the new dawning. Behold as you awake from deep slumber, awaken to the divine truth of the One that pulsates through you. That will bring to you a light so bright that you will outshine the stars above you. Much is occurring, much is being felt, feel the pull, feel the awakening vibration, the reunion is upon you. Awaken to the light within”.

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