Trust, Believe & Be Open to Receive

Be Open to Receive, Trust, Believe and Surrender…. the foundations of this work with Metatron. The shifts may be getting more intense for us, but if we look beyond it all, especially in times of anxiety, fear, sadness, emotional disruption, look for the light, know that this is all part of the shifts and that it will get easier…some of the shifting takes time, as we begin to open up more and trust, LETTING GO, just letting go helps…. don’t try and analyze what is happening, you can’t you won’t, the linear mind wants the answers, the mental body needs the answers, you are opening to light, your frequency is changing……when we begin to embrace this the mental body will begin to let go and we are more accepting and open. These changes are happening to every single soul on the Earth, some are moving through at a faster pace than others, this is when it can feel overwhelming, but just allow yourself to be, in this moment, and see the releases as just that, and things will pass, and underneath you will find greater understanding. You are moving well…. and you are greatly loved. Look for that stillness, for in that stillness comes great healing…and connection.

Stop the searching, allow yourself just to be in this moment, and with this the connection is strengthened, our mental body is always seeking answers, our soul already knows…so practice being in the now, and allow yourself to relax.

When we stop the battle within ourselves, and just accept ourselves for who we are, and embrace our divine path, and stop fighting, we drop into source, into eternal bliss and we feel it and that peace engulfs us…. so drop into your divine source energy, stop the fight and just be in this moment…then when you do this you release all the fear and fight, and begin to realise your true resonance and brilliance…there is nothing in this lifetime for you to fear…know your divine power…. relax into you.

We are often faced with challenges when working with and for the light. Why is this? Some ask. If the journey was all light and peace there would be no journey? The struggles we are faced with and the challenges that come forth do so for a reason, to help us grow, to expand and to work more with the light…so embrace the challenges, the changes, and the times you feel alone in your struggles is the time to bring that light down so close to you that it washes over every part of every part of you…. and feel that comfort in the heart…. feel that peace from the divine light that is lit within you and never fails you…you are strong, you are courageous and you are journeying well….know this and feel this for you are indeed divine!

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