The Coming of a New Vibration 12/12/12


So what is it that 12/12/12 brings to you? Many ask, many explanations, this but just another. 12/12/12 is a coming together of all the energetic changes that have been coming to the Earth plane for many years. You are now being moved into a higher frequency. Many of you have felt this as emotional release, tiredness, nausea, unsettling thoughts and emotions. Feelings of overwhelming energies that have at times for some been just too much to handle. We honour your trusting and your commitment. For those that know and feel, we honour all of you. For those that are unsure and fear these happenings, we to honour you all divinely.

12/12/12 is the coming of the new energy of the 5th Dimensional frequency. For the 3D holds only lower frequency and if we can explain in these terms: many have already lifted and moved through the 4D shiftings. If you view things as energy they can alter they can hold higher frequency. If you view things as being ever expanding, ever altering as in evolution, this is what is and has been occurring since the dawn of time as you know it.

Evolution in consciousness is what has always occurred as mankind has grown and experienced, created and moved. So with 12/12/12 you will feel a greater stability within your new vibration. It will come to a point of a more settled frequency. For those that are not aware they will become more aware. For those that are aware there will be great rejoicing. For you know, all of you know as it is within your divine coding, of the journey you are walking. For all of you are aware of the gracious changes that have been and are still occurring.

Mankind believes he is fully in control of the third dimension. That may seem to be the case, for mankind but this is not true. This thought form if allowed to continue would be the destruction of Earth as you know it. Mankind ploughs through with no conscious thoughts as to the destruction he is creating upon the earth in which you dwell. This is altering, there is intervention. This is coming into reality on 12/12/12 with the new frequencies settling and balancing, making you more stable to reside in the new realms of reality.

Yes there will still be disharmony for some, and for those that are living within their own destructive power and notions but this is altering and there will be a coming together of many great forces within the Universe to alter this vibration.

You are great, divine Beings, but control has become part of your everyday existence. The need for power, control, a necessary ingredients. We are bringing in frequencies to show you what true power is as it resides deep within each and every one of you, and control, well there is  no such vocabulary in the higher realms. Not as used and understood in a 3D sense.

12/12/12 will be a point where there will be cosmic dancing, planetary energetic alignments, new starseed star formations, new galactic frequencies of light available to all who wish to be part, to which you are part, but your conscious application and participation will strengthen this connection.

How will this affect you directly? In some ways you have already been feeling these shifts as we have detailed above. And still leading up to 12/12/12 there will be a racing and pulsating of energies, a quickening and strengthening as you are being altered to hold more light frequency. This is what it is all about. You talk of ascension and we say to you to lift, move up, move out, this is your ascension. The pulling out of old energies that you have existed in for many lifetimes. The energies have become so polluted with lower frequencies that this intervention is now greatly necessary.

We are not here to teach mankind a lesson, far from that, but what is occurring is a realization that mankind is part of a larger field of existence, part of a larger reality to that which it currently believes it belongs to in only the 3D realms. Look only to the stars to see the power and greatness and expansion that lies before you for all eyes to see. You are not separate from this and much occurs beyond the star realms that mankind cannot physically see in the 3D way of being. Much occurs.

12/12/12 will see the thinning of the veil more so than ever before between the different planetary realms that surround you. As you move into a higher dimension you will begin to leave behind that of a 3D nature where energy is concerned. Everyone is part of this process, no one is exempt and many will feel it more than others but still the same vibration will be part of you, as it has been integrating up till now and is still in integreation processing stage.

You will feel great peace and a other sensations. And you are all at different levels, although one in the same. Some feel more than others that is just the way it will be and will continue to be, but the same frequency will run through the Earth plane and be felt by each individual as they have felt over time. With 12/12/12 you will feel a greater stability and a period of great calm although much will still continue in the higher realms.

We know that you seek to have more clarity and more evidence. The clarity and evidence is coming to you. The shifts of 12/12/12 and the culmination of many years of vibrational shifting, as it comes together, will bring more clarity. As for evidence, you are the evidence. You as a living, breathing being of light are the evidence. Look not to your neighbor for guidance, look only to yourself and how you feel within. For each of you are so unique in your makeup that you can never be the same as another who stands by you. Your uniqueness is your salvation.

There are many facets to the 12/12/12 culmination of energies that are settling. One of which is the physical vessel (body) and how it will feel. Know this – as you are brought into the final stages of the 5D energetic integration you will feel the rushing, the pulsating, the sensation of tremendous energy as it races through you. Fear not this process for it is energy realignment, the final stages for the passing of the 5D integration. Which will enable the physical vessel (body) to reside in a higher state of awareness, consciousness and much more.

Can you see the releases that are occurring? Can you see the workings that are occurring? Bringing you into a new state of “Being”. Out of the old ways of 3D state into a higher vibration and new way of BEING. You are coming into your divine perfection.

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