So we say IN YOUR NATURAL STATE and by this we mean besides any events occurring that may take you out of kilt/sync with your natural vibration, as these do occur as you journey, but when in your natural state you are harmonious, joyous, at peace and loving. So if you are not then you are allowing yourself to reside in a frequency that is of the lower vibration. That is not your natural state of being. Mental and emotional bodies are at play, governing you, resulting often in physical body pain.

The vessel (body) is in turmoil with the endless thoughts and playing out of old memories, patterns of behaviour, old events that you just love to hold onto. When an event has passed it leaves a mark on the human vessel and energetic mark. It is up to you how you wish this mark to imprint upon you whether you wish to carry it or whether you allow it to disperse as it will when you do not give it thought or give it a home. so your natural state of being is that of love, peace, joy, harmony…and if you are resonating at a different level from lower emotions, feelings, thoughts, have a look at what is feeding these.

Why do you feel this way, would you like to feel free and unburdened then you can be assisted with this, but the work for you to do is to begin to want to alter your frequency. this is happening for you as the energies of Mother Earth are shifting into a higher vibration. your part in this is to lift up and out of your current vibrational state so that you begin to feel the higher vibrations more which are with you now. The more you let go, the more you let in and the greater the connection to all that is.

If you are not wanting or willing to alter or change because you fear the change or you fear what it is underneath that you fear, what you are, in a natural state, know there is nothing to fear here, for you are divine, you are Oneness, you are Source frequency and you are peace. So find this within yourself…do not analyse, do not search, just trust and be as this divine silence and source energy is within your blueprint, your coding. It cannot be found from outside of you for you already have it within you. Only working to release the ties that bind, the dressings that suffocate you and the thought process that hinder and suffocate your soul’s light. Be the true essence of your soul…be it, feel it for it is who you really are.

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