God’s Gifts Are All Around Us

Such beauty lies all around us,

In flowers, the birds, the trees,

Such beauty is upon us, the wind,

The sun, the breeze,

Take time to feel this beauty,

Allow your eyes to catch a gaze,

A bee upon a flower,

The warmth of a sunny haze,

Slow down enough to notice the beauty in each day,

The smell of flowers, the sound of birds, and the sun’s oh so warm array. 

God’s gifts are all around us, the grass, the flowers, and the trees,

The colours of a rainbow, the warmth within the breeze,

So take time today to slow down, take time to sit a while

And take in the sights around you, they are sure to make you smile. 

Fill each day with such divine things,

A bee upon a flower, 
a sunbeam in the morning,

The droplet in a shower, 

The fur upon a bee’s back,

The dew upon the ground, 

The beauty of the music,

When the bird it makes a sound

Take time to see that nature provides you with a break

Her beauty is all around you,

This time that you must take brings balance and such love,

To all around your being, so take this in, and love it all,

The wonders you are seeing!

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