Release Confinement




“Your light can no longer be contained in a vessel limited by mentality and carnal mortality. You must open to the expansion and vastness of your true light. In opening to your expansion you are opening the vessel to the sensation of the ALL, unbounded by restriction and containment. You become bountiful, vast in your body of light you expand into the realms of the Universe. You are open to everything and everything is open to you. Rest in the knowing that as you release from the rigidity of the limited dimensional reality you awaken divine light within you that unites you with eternal truth. Your vessel is experiencing the vastness of light and its ultimate divine potentiality. You are able to hold such light, this light created a star and that star is now opening and shining. Do not fear the expansive feeling, the grief of letting go and shedding of the old, it is to be embraced and celebrated as you are reborn unto light. Rejoice in your expansion and alignment, as the light floods in unhindered. Allow the transformation within the very heart of your being. As every cell and molecule is alight with its source and seeks you to function as a high vibrational Being. What once was your limited structure is no longer valid in the realms of divine omnipresence. In your vastness you release all that contained you in a conscious limited vessel and now this vessel is released into the full magnitude of light. Let go, trust, believe and be open to receive. There requires no further explanation. We ask that you just surrender to the light allowing it to flow unhindered within your Being. You feel the vibration shifting within you yet you seek explanation. We ask that you trust in what you are feeling. A different vibration, a different sense, a different Being. You have shed your carnal skin and are now functioning from the effervescent bubble of source light geometry. It is the light that now feeds you and directs you from a place unfathomable yet real. From the infinite realms you are functioning, in unity and as One with the One”.


Archangel Metatron

15th April 2019

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