Oh Golden Heart

“Oh Golden Heart, in your opening and awakening to light your vessel has shifted. All that you thought you were, and all that you are, dissolves now into One. In Unity with your true divine design. Fear not the transformation, as you are expanding into your truth. The veil, in its transparency, joins within the heart of the living, breathing vessel. You become One, as light, in light, for light. The transformation is so powerful as you become raised out of density and duality into a place of nothingness, yet a place that is the All. You sense, see and are as one, Unified with the infinite Universal Light. No longer bound to restriction or confinement. Embrace your becoming as what once was is now but a memory and what is to become you are embracing in your immortality. You are one with the light, and you embrace the vibrational freedom of living from the lighted vessel. We are as One”.
Archangel Metatron
15th April 2019

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