Source’s Divine Algorithms – Surrender


Be brave enough to listen to the light that is guiding you. Beyond the linear mind there is a light consciousness deep within that is assisting you. It takes courage to listen, to let go. It takes love, devotion and trust as you embark on your awakening journey.

Much of this is occurring outside of the mental body, outside of any want, need or desire. It is a divinely orchestrated Source algorithm that is assisting you in the deep and calm serenity and simplicity. It is not easy to explain this “divine algorithm” for it has to be felt within the living vessel. Felt as you hand over and trust in the infinite Source Intelligence.

In essence it is a handing over and trusting in the universal divine and ordered plan. Allowing the divine dynamics of the light to assist you.

During a session today someone asked me how I do what I do, and as I began to explain I felt that I couldn’t explain, “for it just flows through me” was my answer.

We cannot be the same as someone else as although we are all of the same source, within that source are divinely crafted unique energy codings. Our source is the same, our design in this human form, taken from the aspect of what we are here to do, is different in its light geometry. Finding your own uniqueness is key as we embark on our ascension. And ascension aside, in life, finding our own uniqueness is key.

If we cannot comprehend that there is a force outside of our own being that is assisting our ascension then we might remain in the same vibrational place. When we become consciously aware of our Source and allow it in, unhindered, is the moment we fully connect.

“I hand it all over to the light of the One”

I was trying to explain this today and I realised that this is part of the journey of ascension. Part of the mystery. That Humans will discover in their own time. That the beauty of the discovery of this divine light forms part of the awakening process.

It is rather amusing as part of the Algorithm is to surrender to the unknown and then in our surrendering that which we search for becomes known. Yet in its vibration we are still unable to explain so the known remains unknown! It just is, we become. It is a divine key programmed within every Human heart and the moment that you hand it all over, is the moment that you will discover your divinity. You will discover your source and you will uncover the greatest of mysteries. A very personal experience and one that cannot be explained as it is a vibrational shifting and experience felt deep within.

“Ask and it shall be shown”.

With love


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