Prayer of Divine Freedom



Today I choose to relinquish all that no longer serves me. I am no longer part of the old systems and conditioned behaviours. Today I relinquished the battle of the old ways. I truly honour and acknowledge this most sacred upgrade and transition within my vessel which has been orchestrated by the most divine frequency.

Through the divine light of the One I am guided to no longer allow my vessel to harbour anything that perturbs the true light of my divine vibration. I let go of old ways and release my vessel into the fullness and purity of its divine essence.

I am no longer living through old patterns. Instead, in my freedom, by my own volition, I choose to live in alignment within my vessel as One with the absolute light of truth, and in that light I am aligned to the most abundant source. That Source is the very truth of my being.

I release from today any beliefs of imperfections that keep me from experiencing all that I am. The light that I am now flows unhindered. I choose to no longer be part of the old systems, behaviours & conditions that created dischord within my being. I am no longer living through controls and surrender to the sacred design that I am.

I am no longer part of the separated consciousness and limited, habitual patterns of humanity that serve only to keep me from my truth. I live now from my heart space and release the confinements of the mind/thought led reality. I am no longer a slave to my own thoughts, as my vessel expands into all flowing truth. I now allow the beauty and majesty of my Heart to guide my every action, thought, word and deed.

I no longer allow the actions of others to perturb the light that I am. My light now shines freely in alignment with the grand design, my new garment of light is firmly bestowed. Today I am awakened anew, into the new design that is my source. I am no longer part of the separation but live from now in the great unity of light that ignites my soul.

Oh Trinity Masters of Light, I give thanks to the awakening, the journey that has brought me to this point that now shows me the truth within my being, to which you continue to assist and serve. In my service to you I choose to live through the Heart, through simplicity, stillness, Joy and harmony. In this light I am most humbled and filled with gratitude beyond measure. Through the deep silence I have awoken to the most triumphant and divine essence that is my Source.

I am that I am….in line with the divine”.


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