“Mine eyes have seen the glory

My heart has felt the love

Of the glorious Source vibration

from the One who resides above

Yet in this deep connection

from above and unto me

I realise, that through my eyes

I am one with eternity

Mine Eyes have seen the glory

My eyes have shed a tear

For the bountiful and joyful love

That is ever always near

This light it shines abundantly

It shines forever, for eternity

It is part of me, for I am source

For I am One, for I am, of course

Part of Him, Part of the One

We call the Christ, we call the Sun

Of all that is, of light abound

And in this light such love is found

Mine eyes have seen the glory

My heart it holds the love

My vessel holds the light

of the One from up above

And in this body I carry

The codings of the One

Through light abound

such joy is found

Right here sent from above

For there is now no separation

There is only peace with all that is

From the divine light of the One

We alight the truth within

Mine eyes they are the glory

My heart it is the light

My vessel is his body

For my soul it does ignite

The codings of the ancients

The vibrations of the One

The love of he who brings to us

This, I shall carry on

As mankind is evolving

As truth it does reveal

That man is one unto the Sun

As we carry the light of the Christed One

As I was lost I found the light

As my vessel searched I gave up the fight

In simplicity I found the key

Of the Christ-Alligned Eternity


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