You are the universe. You are not separate from it you are the whole of it. Every part of every part of each living being is a part of the omnipresent universe. There is no separation only that which you make for yourself. If the world begins to live in graceful harmony with each other living soul what will be born is great unison, great love expansion, magnificent harmonious balance and alignment with all. This is why we are here.  This is our purpose for humanity and mankind.

It is not a new time. It is not something new. This is what it is and has always been about. Let your heart be your guide as it leads you to find freedom within yourself and freedom from the constraints and the barriers of the closed and sheltered mindset.  Allow your heart to show you the way of love, light through simplicity and deep connection with all thing. Release the separated consciousness and separated identity crisis that mankind has lived by and from for many lifetimes.

Release into the simplicity of the freedom of your heart and soul.  Know that you are so much more than what you perceive or believe yourself to be just from limited emotion and thought processes. Release all of this so that you come into the NOW alignment and divine truth of now. For as your heart beats in that exact moment is where there is great freedom and liberty from the trappings of the lower vibrational mind. In this moment right here right now is the time of great manifestation and creation and that will alter your vibration a thousand fold.

Trust in the liberty and freedom that heart space living brings to you. Releasing from your mind and allowing your heart to bring you home to your true divine aligned state of being. Mankind cannot hide from the truth that lies within his heart. Allow love to flow freely unhindered by obstruction and instruction. Instead be free in this very moment and here you will find great truth and divine freedom. For there is a universal feeling and sensation that beats through the heart of every living soul. This is exactly the same for each and every living Being. The light of universal divine love. Let it be free within you. Allow yourself to come home.

MTFOL Archives 14th July 2014

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