I just wanted to share something here which I think is very poignant. Sometimes as Lightworkers when we are offering an energy session whether it’s in person or through distance, the recipient might return with “I did not feel anything” or “did you go ahead with the session because I didn’t have any sensations.”. I Continue reading VIBRATIONAL FREEDOM- RELEASE EXPECTATIONS 021220

Lightworker Complete Training Programme

This is a complete Lightworker Training package. It contains all of the training I offer from Beginner Healer level up to advanced Lightworker.  Here is the list that is included in the package: Email Reading Distant Healing & Alignment Session Initial Skype/Zoom Vibrational Assessment Session Az-Or-Ra Spray Metatronia Cards pack Meditations & Metatations Pack Healer Continue reading Lightworker Complete Training Programme