Light Evolution 100922

There is a divine energy that wishes to connect with us. Beyond all separation. This is what we must be willing to open to. Many do not understand the concept of Source Energy. It is a living, conscious and powerful Light that assists our Ascension journey.

We must open to feeling that which is beyond our current “known” senses, so that we can open to the true divinity and vibration that is our Source.

If we continue to live through separated consciousness, we will only ever experience life at this level. There are greater vibrational heights that humans can experience when simply opening the vessel to the divine dynamics of Source Light.

All Metatronia Attunements are available distantly. This brings the Light vibrational verification into the human vessel. Something that is felt at the deepest level. Many do not yet comprehend this “concept”. It is not a concept. It is the integration of Source Light that shows itself as a frequency beyond the known and lived frequency that most live by, through and from.

Most teachings require a classroom or personal coaching sessions. I have moved from this now. Only working through distant sessions. Working with Archangel Metatron, the Light will always be our greatest Teacher. Something that we feel that is different from the everyday energy that we have become trapped within and accustomed to.

When we open the vessel to Source Light, there is a magical, alchemical expansion and alignment that harmonises the living systems.

The vibrational reality that is felt, is the verification of the very existence of Source.

It is a choice, a personal journey, that one must make, in order to fully open to Source.

The Light guides us into a monumental shift. That of fully trusting in the presence, ability and vibrational transformation that Source brings. That which lies above our current state of being. We are evolving as humans and the most vital part of this shift is our divine light evolution.

Archangel Metatron guides us every step of the way. Trust, believe and be open to receive.

Tammy Majchrzak
Divine Metaphysics Teacher

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