Opening to Source

Some people are just not ready to open fully to the divine dynamics of Source. For it involves a level of vibrational transformation, expansion, alignment and dissolving of that which lies within separation.

In order for the vessel to expand into light there must be a level of vibrational integration that is brought forward to the vessel through Source. We must be willing to open this sacred gateway within us.

Working from old programs, beliefs and rigidity in the mental body only serve to limit our light integration.

Source energy has always been and will always remain the same frequency. With its divine design lying within each and every soul.

Beyond consciousness, the light ignites within us, a sacred unity. A unity that cracks wide open when we release separation.

These vibrant and highly transformational frequencies link in with the vessel to bring it into alignment.

In order for us to truly ascend, there must be a relinquishment of the old ways, patterns, programs and behaviours. For you cannot ascend if these old frequencies are held onto.

There is often a blockage that occurs within the mind and thought processes.

Time and time again I have people coming for sessions and attunements who are not ready to experience the majesty of Source’s divine vibrational intervention.

There is a part that we must play ourselves when we are truly ready to experience Ascension frequencies.

Beliefs and programs limit our light experience. They limit our vibration.

Is there a way past this?

Of course! When we are truly ready to hand over every part of our being, it is then that we truly experience the light. We relinquish parts of the thought processes that only serve to limit our light integration.

Metatronia Foundation of Light services are available to those who wish to experience the truth of Light.

Whether you just wish to experience it for your own journey of alignment and awakening, or if you are an energy practitioner. The services are available for you. However, there must be an understanding that there is vibrational shifting to bring the vessel into light alignment. Vibrational Light transformation through Source.

If we view this as a union through vibration we begin to comprehend that there is work that we must do ourselves, to unite with the Light.

Many do not see beyond their mental body illusions. When we link with Source we begin to release from separation identity, separation consciousness and the idea of separation itself.

We unify with the Light of the One true Source through surrendering our own limitations. We unite with universal consciousness.

It is not a competitive game. When we truly open to Source we are opening to the divine geometries of light that shift our frequency. We no longer play in the thresholds of separation that limit our conscious expansion.

Many do not like the term “surrender”, however, in order for us to experience all that we are, we must be ready to hand over so that we can open fully to the light. We shift out of separated existence. We flow with the Light of the Source.

We begin to communicate fully not only within our own being but through the grace of Source and this involves a level of light integration and vibrational preparation.

We must be open, believe and trust as we receive the guidance of the Light.

As a Light Practitioner you can sense when somebody is ready as your vessel alerts you to the frequency of others.

With Metatronia energy we work from the very base level up to light metaphysician level. Working with each divine soul to a assist their divine light expansion. Each step of Light requires vibrational expansion and Source unification.

For this reason, I am now only offering Metatronia Attunements & Training to those that are ready to hold and work with Source frequency. This goes for all of my services from readings up to practitioner training.

So if you feel that you are ready to embark on your true journey of Ascension then the services offered through are there for you.

If you feel you require aspects of vibrational alignment then the distant energy sessions are there for you along with Light counsel.

As a Divine Metaphysical Training provider, I have a level of responsibility for all Metatronia practitioners who are ambassadors of Source Light. All of our practitioners are now registered and listed at on an annual basis. They will all receive ongoing complimentary email guidance and support from me.

To truly work in light there is an element of truth that we must hold within the vessel. To this end, the services that are provided by the MTFOL uphold a standard required by all Metatronia practitioners. So you can rest assured whether you are receiving Light Sessions, Light Counsel, MT Attunements or Practitioner Training, you are working with an accredited and registered Practitioner. One that is truly connected to Source.

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