Divine Metaphysics Teacher

Divine Metaphysics Consultancy & Lightworker Training Service

Metatronia Therapy Energy was founded in 2010 by Tammy Majchrzak. It is an approved and accredited training service for Lightworkers, Energy Practitioners and Source Metaphysicians. Providing an unparalleled level of training and support for Lightworkers.

Tammy offers offers affordable training, consultancy and mentoring for those who wish to work through the truth of Light. Providing support for every step of the Ascension journey.

Authenticity, transparency, integrity and overall vibration of our practitioners is paramount to the Foundation. It provides a place for people to visit, who are seeking the services of those that can truly support their journey of Light.

Metatronia offers Vibrational Alignment, Ascension Assistance, Attunements, Light Counsel & Consultancy, accredited training and specialises in guidance & support for Lightworkers. Primarily to support your Light Evolution.

A safe, nurturing and supportive environment to facilitate personal and spiritual growth on all levels.

Metatronia motto:

“In purity, truth, transparency and Light we serve”.

With love,



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