Joyful Heart

Sunset is stunning this evening.

Find the joy in life. The simple things. Settle yourself in the now. Breathe. Being alive is a great gift.

Forget the little things that may have annoyed or perturbed your spirit. It doesn’t really matter. It just takes up unnecessary space. Let your vessel be free. To flow freely.

Don’t try too hard to attain, for you are already here.

What matters is right now.

Be joy, be love, let it glow through you, unhindered.

Be joy, be love, let it glow through you, unhindered.

The Light connects with you in the stillness. In the gap that is created beyond the separated thoughts. Still enough and I assure you, you will sense it. A vibrational place opens up, beyond explanation. A divine consciousness will emerge beyond anything you have ever experienced.

Trust and you will sense it.

Be transparent and you will feel it.

Be open and you will receive it.

Be love and you will be it.

We live so much through conditioned behaviour. “That made me feel that way. This made me feel this way”. Drop all of this. This all keeps your vibe low and dense. Not good for the heart and soul.

Embrace the love in your heart and the life in your veins.

Simplicity in being, just a Being, being, is key.

So many complicated thoughts that just block up the flow of the joyful, loving, vibrant Beings that we are designed to be, organically. Simply.

Be love

Be light

Be joy

Life is but a moment, so relax, be at peace.

Spend time with those you love, and honour their presence, as you should honour and rejoice your own.

Unlock the love within. It’s so easy to do. Unlock the chains that bind.

Let your heart be at peace. In it’s eternal glowing light.

It’s time to let that love shine.

We can all do it. All of us.

With love,



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