Metatronia Metatations are an invite to experience the divine vibrational geometries of Source Light.

These go beyond what you term “meditation”. As you link in with the light, you are immediately energetically transported to the higher realms where Source Light assists every aspect of your being.

We begin to open and expand the vessel into the realms of Source Light Dynamics. That which is unseen, becomes felt and experienced within the vessel.

A very unique experience for each divine soul.

To truly experience the vibration of the light, we, as humans, seek some kind of verbalised verification and explanation.

We are mind driven through the limitation of separated consciousness.

Source asks us to relax! To trust, believe and be open to receive.

We don’t have to try so hard. We can simply be open, that is all that is asked of us.

Throughout time, this is all that has been asked. For us to trust and to handover to the light divine.

Archangel Metatron works with us through our energy system, to unite the vessel consciously with its Source.

This is a master key to Ascension. For us to open, to wake up and feel the truth of our light. Many remain in slumber as they fear their own light. It is time to wake up from the shadows. So that we can experience the power and majesty of our light. A light that resides within every vessel.

With this vibrational surrender, we begin to flow with much ease as we unify with the divine dynamics of light.

This is where the aspect of trust comes in. For us to trust in the conscious and most intelligent frequency that is Source.

The Metatronia Light Metatations lift you up and out of mind and thought lead reality.

This dynamic cannot be written. It can only be experienced as vibration within our body, heart, and soul.

I have a collection of recorded Metatations if you would like to experience them.

We must be ready to let go of any judgements and ideology as we fully open the vessel to the light of the One true Source.

This is where we feel our true Source essence. When we simply are. We just simply be. We handover all thoughts and mind-lead reality and rise up into the beautiful dynamics of the light.

This opens up a vibrational gateway within our consciousness so there are no limitations. We begin to experience all that we are and all that we are capable of, through the love of the One Light.

A mediafire file link containing the recordings (MP3/MP4) is supplied and also live webinar videos are included with some topics.

The Metatation Topics are:

Calming the Chaos

Divine Gateway

Divine Light Alignment

Healing Light

Listen to your Heart

New Year Light

Opening the Vessel

Sacred Light Encryptions

Silent Source

Simply Source

Source Light

Unification & Recalibration!/MT-Metatations/p/135136282/category=0

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