Archangel Metatron guides us not to be concerned with Karma. It forms part of the separated consciousness. It is not part of the Ascension process. We can therefore release all aspects of karma.

Source releases the vessel from all aspects of conditions and programmes, to which the aspect of karma falls into.

We ascend out of limitation, as we unite with the light of universal consciousness, above the self-limiting, separated consciousness.

I do not work with aspects of karma as it creates limitation in frequency. It has never been anything that I have felt I needed to release from. It has always been an aspect of the separated consciousness, a belief that in order to ascend, I had to behave in a certain way.

Having to behave in a certain way is a condition. As we awaken to the path of Ascension, it is not so much about us learning to behave a certain way, it is about becoming, through the divine direction of the light. It is not a condition.

As we journey the Ascension path, one of the first things that we release, and that Archangel Metatron works on, is mental body conditioning.

For in the brightness of the light, I have found the most magnificent vibrational freedom that frees my whole vessel from any aspects of conditioning. The more that I lifted up out of density, beliefs and conditioning, the more easier my vessel was able to align with universal consciousness.

There is such a purity and clarity in this divine connection that releases the vessel from anything that may weigh it down.

There is nothing that entraps the mind, body and soul. Only that which we bring conditioned belief to.

We must release from all aspects of “conditioning the vessel in a certain way in order to become a certain way”.

Ascension involves the release from all conditions. These are dynamics of the mental body. The mental body creates entrapment.

When we think of the aspects of Karma, it creates limitation in consciousness. We become bound to a belief that restricts us.

“If I do good, I will be rewarded in the next life or this one”.

This is a condition. This is a belief. A falsity. This is a “surface dweller” dynamic.

As we dissolve into Source Light, we release all of this. We do not place conditions or beliefs on the vessel.

Anything that is born from the mind, thought process, brings restriction in our vibrational flow.

The Heart directs us to truth.

This is why so many religions and beliefs were set up many years ago. It was a means by which to control society.

“If you behave in a certain way or you follow this, or follow that, you shall be rewarded in this life or the next”.

No! It is time for us to release from the beliefs that keep us in a certain vibrational pattern.

We do not orchestrate Ascension. The light orchestrates Ascension and in our connection to the vibrancy of the Light, all distortion is removed.

Source Light holds a brightness very few can handle.

When we think and feel though the conditioned dynamic, we live through limitation.

We must shift and let go of that which actually holds us in a confined space, mentally, physically emotionally and spiritually.

When we release the aspect of “Karma” altogether, there is a great freeing up of all aspects of our vessel.

For instance, if I was to take a moment now and say to myself “ I must look into how to release all of my karmic attachments”. The very thought of this would cause me a great deal of mental discombobulatiom to try and have to fathom what I have to release in order to release karmic ties, and then how do I release from vibrational/mental entanglement? How am I meant to behave? Condition, condition, condition.

This is far too complex a dynamic and causes vibrational friction within the vessel.

Instead, “my vessel is not connected to any aspects of karma”, is a more lighter, simpler and vibrational releasing dynamic.

With this simplicity, we are moving into the realms of universal consciousness.

“Karma” in Sanskrit translates to “actions”. The realisation that every action causes an outcome. So as to live your life according to every action has an outcome. Behaving and misbehaving creates karmic ties that one must live through and release from”.

The very thought of this process brings vibrational limitation to the vessel, as we feel that there are things we have to release from, put right or shift. We must release from this conscious belief as it creates great limitation in our energetic field.

Archangel Metatron does not work through the dynamics of karma/karmic ties. He guides us that when we can release from this aspect altogether, we will experience greater vibrational freedom within.

“Karma generally denotes the cycle of cause and effect — each action a person takes will affect them at some time in the future. This rule also applies to a person’s thoughts and words, and the actions other people take under that individual’s instructions”.

Source will always work with us vibrationally and anything that is too complex will cause vibrational turbulence resulting in misaligned frequency within the vessel.

The simpler path is the direct path.

The Karma dynamic was initially created so that we had something to live by, rather like religious beliefs. Good versus evil, good versus bad. So it was something that was put in place that very much worked on a mental level.

As we live through and as light, it is not a condition, it is a beautiful and most peaceful flow, that is effortless.

Karma is actually a very dense belief and thought pattern and yet for many, it is what they lived by and still live by, in order to do good in the world, so as to release karmic ties and patterns.

When we think of the vessel from aspects of light and vibration, we release from karmic ties and Karma altogether.

We begin to understand that vibrational alignment is key to the Ascension process and so with this, we free up the vessel from anything that restricts or conditions us. So that we can open the vessel to the divinity of Source Light dynamics.

There is no requirement for us to have to put anything right. Instead, as we live through the Light, we vibrationally shift into a place where density no longer forms any aspect of our being.

We live through the brightness of the light.

We release, beyond form, into the effervescent, translucent and vastness of Source.

“With karma, like causes produce like effects; that is, a good deed will lead to a future beneficial effect, while a bad deed will lead to a future harmful effect”.

When we live as and through light, there is only brightness and transparency and so there is release from the requirement to behave in a certain manner that results in us creating “good Karma”, our good actions causing positive effects.

There is only goodness in lightness. Yet further still, we release from any aspects of “action creates impact, action creates effect”. Because then we release from the density aspect of having to live by a certain law, or to be a certain way, to receive a self imposed, self-belief, limited desired outcome.

The Light holds a truth not many can bear. As we embrace the light, all illusions, ideology, beliefs and conditions dissolve.

In the transparency we are open to universal consciousness. Pure Consciousness that does not hold on to any controls or expectations. The Light blueprint, that is our true divine design, we are then ready to receive. We create a place within for truth to flow freely.

The Light will never place any controls or structures upon us, at any time, for us to be “able” to experience the fullness and divinity of our own being.

For us to truly experience this we must release all that weighs down the vibration within the vessel.

The mental body holds a great deal of distortion, separation and control. Religion holds a great deal of distortion, separation and control.

As we truly open to Source we release all of this.

We simply and so divinely so, open up to the truth of light. The Light will always guide us to a place of stillness and truth.

Release karma. Embrace eternity.

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