Language of Light

There are many who talk of a “language of light”. There are many interpretations for this. The human vessel may interpret light in many forms.

Humanity is searching for a way to awaken and ascend. Searching for that which will lift the vessel.

The separated consciousness often looks for that which is at the same frequency of separation because it wants to feel comfortable. So in the searching there will often be resonance to that which is glamorous, gimmicky and glittery.

When we are working in the realms of language of light there have been many misinterpretations that only feed the separation or are born from the identity body.

When there is a language there will always be an interpretation of that language. Language is a way of communication.

There is a misconception that light language cannot be translated when spoken yet any “audible” language has an interpretation. This is why the light speaks to us through silence. It is not going to further confuse the senses. It will always speak to us through vibration that we feel within. It matters not what our native language is. That is a way that humans have learnt to communicate with one another. Source communicates through a “unified Field”.

The light will communicate with us in the most easiest form, that of sensation, frequency and vibration. Not another “language” that we then have to try and decipher.

Source light is very easy to translate as in its deep silence there is a cognitive resonance, one that speaks to the very heart of humanity. One that is ingrained within every human heart.

So if we are speaking in tongue or language of light there must be an element of translation and interpretation to the receiver. That is the meaning of language. It is a way of communication.

If something cannot be interpreted, repeated “verbatim”, remembered, understood, then it is often born from glamour.

Light codings for the specific dynamics of Ascension will always be and remain the same. It is a divine language of its own that cannot be manipulated.

When we work with Source through Archangel Metatron, the information that is received has always been translated and conveyed to humans in a way that they can understand. Through vibrational Light transmission.

Although the light comes in as “vibrational coding”, the receiver has the ability to interpret that information and pass it on. That light has always shown itself through silence, as the most divine vibration. Source.

If there is light language from the higher realms there will always be an interpretation for the receiver. It is not enough to just say that the language cannot be interpreted. Any language can be translated.

As lightworkers we must be mindful that the human system can, at times, be very naive, fragile and vulnerable.

As lightworkers we must always work from the truth of light. You know when you are working from the truth of light because there is a sensation in the heart rather like a green light. When you are tied up in the identity body there are no lights only the separation feeding the vessel.

We are in a time of great transformation and revelation of truth. The light is here at this time to shift us consciously and vibrationally. We must be mindful of buying into further glamours that serve only to feed the separation.

Those who truly work through and with the light are now standing up and speaking out regarding truth.

When the light language is spoken in tongue there will be a translation that is understood verbally by the receiver. When that light language is interpreted as true light, there will be a vibrational sensation felt within the vessel.

The language of the Creator light is silent. This does not take form in glamours or extensions of the ego. This just further enhances the identity, ego and separation.

For the truth of light lies in silent connection. Archangel Metatron has never communicated that Source light has an audible sound. His transformational energy comes in through silence.

It is a light that we feel as vibrational sensations. A “language” that the body/vessel can interpret. It has always been conveyed that it is a silent and most powerful energetic quanta transference that shifts the vessel into the higher light octaves.

There are many ways to experience awakening and yet the true pathway lies in a deep and silent connection.

As we embark on our spiritual awakening there will be many things that catch the eye and feed the separation. When we are truly ready to embark on this journey there is a relinquishment of all that is not truth.

This is a place, vibrationally, where we free the vessel from all that causes distortion and illusion.

This dynamic of light will never change. It always has been and will always remain the true pathway to enlightenment.

There are vibrational stages that the vessel has to pass through in order to experience the freedom of divine light.

As we open and expand into the truth of light, much that we have experienced and believed, begin to dissolve. The ascending vessel preparation is not easy. It is certainly not found through glamours. It is certainly not something that enhances the ego.

When you are ready, a true teacher of light will show themselves to you. Most of these work in the dynamics of stillness and silence. They have relinquished all that they thought they were into a vessel of purity and divinity. They are true servants of the light.

Much of what is experienced on the Ascension path becomes a very personal and unique journey as one connects in with Source. Call this the divine, the creator, Source or whatever you wish to call it, it is this light, and it is this light alone that will truly shift you.

Spirituality has become a monopoly. A playground for competition, plagiarism, further feeding into the separation. When there is true unity then the truth will appear.

Working from a place of judgement and competition will only serve to keep those in a place of separation.

Revealing truth is not judgement. It is a dynamic that is vastly important for the awakening of humanity. It takes a brave heart to speak truth as we well know from the past. It takes a Brave heart to speak up for the benefit of humanity. It takes a brave heart to truly listen.

As we ascend there is much that cannot be spoken of because it is a unique and personal experience. Where the light truly guides and awakens you.

Some have experienced many years on their journey of enlightenment. Many are on the right path, but there is still a feeding into the glamours creating a self-universe rather than enlightened unification.

Whatever your source of awakening is, it should serve a purpose to raise the frequency within the living system, so that it experiences the truth of light Ascension. If it only serves to feed the identity, its purpose is not stemming from truth. Always use your discernment.

The greatest way to know that you are connecting with Source is the “vibrational sensation” of light that you feel within. This is how Source truly connects and communicates with us.

Feel, Become and extend the light that you are across humanity in all its divine truth. For it is in this place of truth that you will truly awaken.

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