Judgement – Angel Phanuel

“If you operate from a place of judgement you serve only to limit your divine experience. When you act from a place of judgement you are functioning very low on the consciousness scale. When judging others you create a limitation in your life experience. If you are to succeed on the ladder of ascension there must be the relinquishment of all that weighs heavy within the vessel. Judgement is a vibrational place that will keep you from uncovering and experiencing many wonders. You will only allow into your “energetic field” that which you accept and believe, and beyond this, you are missing many wonderful opportunities to illuminate.  As it is through the rising in conscious levels that you experience the divine at work.  There are a multitude of lower emotions and ideologies that are attached to judgement. Jealousy, anger, resentment and more separated conscious traits. These denser frequencies block your conscious elevation. If you view all that you experience with an open heart and mind, the journey of life will become so much easier. You will release resistance and allow the vessel to openly experience far more. Judgment brings weight. Non-judgement brings flight.  Whether consciously or unconsciously doing so, there must be an element of neutrality that is exercised. Viewing all from a place of uniqueness. Each and every Soul has their own unique experience.  Judgement serves only to further widen the separation in consciousness. When you let go of judgment you are moving the vessel into its true aligned state. One which seeks unity, acceptance, balance, harmony, Oneness and ultimately, love. We guide from the vibration of love. Guiding your flight through the pathway of ascension. It is in freeing the vessel from all that is weighed which will bring light and emancipation. Through the letting go of all that weakens your light, you shall truly shine. Human-kind is on a threshold of uncovering the truth of divinity. When there is a release from the controls and habitual functionality , there will be joyful union”. 

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