Vibrational Contrast



There is a contrast in energy that you will feel as your own light fills up within your vessel. When there is an awareness of the contrast the vessel must place itself in the environment where there is peace, stillness and calm serenity in the “physical realms”.  It is this peace that you carry with you and so you will feel the density and difference in electromagnetic vibration that pulses through the mass consciousness. As you are in your light, you are a beacon for others. It is through your presence that others become aware of the subtle yet profound magnetism of the love that source light brings. So as you embark on your ascending journey, there is acknowledgement and an awareness that you may feel different to others. This is not creating barriers or from ego, but the acknowledgement of the difference you may feel within what you may class as “Light magnetism. The Light is the volume of source that resides within. Vessel full/half full. Awakened/unawakened states of being and the contrast that One may experience is just the awareness of the awakened or unawakened vibrational states within other vessels. We live as light and with the contrast we allow our light to shine brighter. Not to come down to the density but to live and flow with the eternal source. This is our part on this journey. To rise up and meet the divine within us. The conscious acknowledgement that we are light. To be that light, hold that place and divine state of being.

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