Transition into Eternal Light



Death is not the end. It is a divine transition, the beginning of the eternal form. Humans often put a final aspect to it where they feel that is the end, but it is not. The light is always around you, always. When we lose someone close to us we feel an immediate disconnection, but this is only physical in nature. The Soul is the eternal light and will continue to hold the vibrational identity of the vessel that has passed. What this means is that although someone is no longer with us in the physical sense, they are still, and will always be, with us as light, through love. What I have very recently experienced is that when someone passes  (animals included!), we are able to link into their vibration. They show us through vibration that they are still around. There seems to be a little lull between physical death and “relaxing” into the new form, however it can be immediate. Recently I connected in with a beloved relative that has just crossed over and I asked him to connect with me. The vibrational geometries were very interesting. I felt a coming out of the body and a pulling up, very fast, by what I could only describe as a magnetic pull, lifting me up and out, extremely fast (speed of light springs to mind) up out of the density and it was so magnificent, joyful and loving. This shows me that there is a vibrational place that the vessel exists after physical form has ended. We are light eternal, and our loved ones are asking us to know that they are still there. Call on them, ask them to connect with you, expand your consciousness to open and accept the unknown. A new dimension will open before you vibrationally. You will begin to open to a higher conscious understanding of the divine geometries that occur when we pass. We are held in the highest light and we do continue as vibration.

I am sharing this very personal post as I felt that it may assist those who are grieving for their loved ones. It will bring comfort to know that they are always around you, vibrationally.

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