Metatronia Lightworker Complete Training Programme

This is a complete Lightworker Training package. It contains all of the training I offer from Beginner Healer level up to Master Healer/Attuner.

Here is the list that is included in the package:

  • 1x Distant Healing & Alignment Session
  • Meditations & Metatations Pack
  • Healer Level 1 Practitioner Attunement*
  • Master Level 2 Practitioner Attunement*
  • MT Massage Practitioner Training*
  • Various Dropbox links
  • Training Workbooks
  • M.A.P.  Ascension Programme Recordings
  • Practitioner Training Webinar Recordings
  • Lightbody Package
  • 45-minute Skype/Zoom Guidance Session

The online guidance session takes place after all 3 Attunements have been completed.

Dropbox and other links will be sent to you. Most of the material is provided digitally.

I am available by email every step of the way.

Additional guidance sessions can be purchased if necessary.

This package works from beginner Healer level right up to Master Healer/Attuner level so there is a lot of vibrational integration and transformation that comes with this training.

It is done in stages to allow for the light integration.  

Further details will come to you upon purchase. 

I am here to assist you on your journey of light.

Investment: £444 including accredited practitioner registration.!/MT-Complete-Lightworker-Training-Distant-Attunements/p/46915545/category=0

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