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Lightworker Complete Training Programme

This is a complete Lightworker Training package. It contains all of the training I offer from Beginner Healer level up to advanced Lightworker. 

Here is the list that is included in the package:

Email Reading

Distant Healing & Alignment Session

Initial Skype/Zoom Vibrational Assessment Session

Az-Or-Ra Spray

Metatronia Cards pack

Meditations & Metatations Pack

Healer Level 1 Practitioner Attunement*

Master Level 2 Practitioner Attunement*

Various Dropbox links 

Training Workbooks

MT Massage Practitioner Training*

Light Counsellor Training*

M.A.P.  Ascension Programme Recordings

Webinar Practitioner Training Recordings

Webinar (Various Topics) Recordings 

Lightbody Package

Biosynthesis Beats (Digital Music) 

Child Practitioner Training*

Intuitive Healer Training*

Animal Healer Training*

This package will include a 45-minute Skype or Zoom session, once a month, for a 6-month period. To cover training, support and guidance. All items marked with an asterix (*) include a 45-minute Skype or Zoom session after completion. Dropbox and other links will be sent to you. Most of the material is provided digitally or through links, with us meeting once a month to discuss your progress and to offer my support to you. I am available through email every step of the way. Additional guidance sessions can also be arranged if necessary.

This package works from beginner level right up to advanced lightworker so there is a lot of vibrational integration and transformation that comes with this training. It is done in stages to allow for the light integration.  Further details will come to you upon purchase. I am here to assist you every step of your journey of light. 

Investment: £1,495.00

Instalment plan available.

Full details at:!/Metatronia-Lightworker-Complete-Training-Programme/p/148596851/category=0