The Law of the Living Light

There is a grand misconception in the spiritual arena. Many are working from a place based on falsity and glamour. It’s rather like trying to bake a cake with the wrong ingredients. Without the correct ingredients the cake is never going to rise.

Some are working from a place that is still tied up in old programming. They will only be able to reach so far from their limited perception and rigid ideology. Placing glamour on top of glamour just leads to more falsity.

Basically, it’s not about trophy building, or proving that you are better than anybody else or that you have reached further. In fact, it is quite the contrary.

As we journey on the Ascension path, the divine dynamics of Source teach us that there is a dissolving and transparency that occurs within the vessel. This releases any and all attachments, glamours, fragility’s and identities.

When we are truly aligned there is transparency (clear). When we are working from a place that is only partially aligned, there is translucency (opacity).

What this means is a little light consciously passes through but due to “circuitry disruptions” that remain in the physical vessel, the ability to experience the full light spectrum becomes consciously limited and so there is a scattering within the light quanta.

When we are truly aligned there is complete transparency and the light is able to pass through unrestricted due to there being no distortion in one’s vibrational field.

It is not the more that you know. It is rather your vibrational state of being. The rising above limited structures, with the light able to freely flow due to that which you have relinquished.

When out of alignment the vessel’s vibrational momentum becomes somewhat incapacitated resulting in diminished electromagnetism. When in alignment (empty vessel) the light quanta (Source particles) can flow freely and join in equilibrium with the living human system. Unrestricted by linear blockages.

The light is always flowing freely, however, due to restricted programming (linear/emotional body) and limitation in consciousness, this mechanisms can block the transmissions of divine light. The Human linear state of being has a great impact on Ascension dynamics.

We are reminded that “one cannot build the new upon the old”.

What we truly allow to flow in is very much governed by our thought forms and linear conceptualisation.

Many are drawn to that which sounds glamorous rather like moths to a flame. But the truth is, the more glamorous something sounds that is probably all that it is. Glamour and illusion. The real work is often uncomfortable and you will feel it rippling through your system. It is often “less is more”.

The truth of source works through transparency. This is a journey that one must approach with a single eye. One where there is unity, truth and evaporation of attachments and dressings.

You do not have to prove anything to Source. Yet there is a vibrational setting found within a Vessel that has released all that has weighed it down and limited its light magnetism.

Part of this is a rising up and away from the limited conscious existence. For when we reach the correct vibrational aligned state, there ensues a greater connection, transparency, clarity and purification that enables the vessel to truly work as one with the divine.

Source is constantly working to align you. Even in the times where it may feel very uncomfortable, even in the times where you feel as if you are pushing against yourself. There must be a time of stillness and a time of simply being. To allow for the full flow of the light divine to connect with you, unrestricted.

The conscious and intelligent light of Source knows and will guide you. It is rather like handing over our consciousness to universal consciousness. The infinite intelligence of the divine One. This is the law of the living light.

The light will show you where there is restriction because it will feel uncomfortable. This is often within the emotional body where there is programming that is limiting your full potential. This can occur through experience, trauma, events, and limitations placed upon the self. This may be outside of the self and caused by events outside of your control. And yet it still forms part of your conscious state of being.

Our true vibrational setting cannot be achieved through ego, identity, glamours and illusion. It is all based on truth, love and frequential alignment.

The other aspect of this which is most important is that to truly work from Source there is a relinquishment of the self, the learned and repetitive story, so that you rise above the programmed structures and limitation in consciousness. You begin to release self limitation.

Essentially this is a very sacred journey. The vessel will go through preparation stages of releasing any and all attachments. The vessel will also go through a purging and releasing of that which no longer serves.

There are not many whom actually work from the true purity of source. For they are still caught up in the limited consciousness phase.

There is a release from many of the emotions such as jealousy, anger, competition, delusion and many more of the self-contained and self imposed programming.

Do not be discouraged. For Archangel Metatron shows us that simplicity in being opens the eternal gateway. Allow Source in. Unrestricted. Unequivocally. This is where we truly release and align, unburdened. We truly do not need anything to define us.

The more that we have released, surrendered and relinquished, the lighter the vessel. The lighter the vessel, the greater the connection. The greater the connection, this is where true salvation is found.

You are here to experience all that you are so divinely so. Don’t limit yourself to opacity. Be brave. Open yourself up to complete transparency.

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