Removing the Shadows

Some of you might be experiencing a period of doubt within the self. Know that this Time will pass. As our vibration is shifting and rising what might often occur is a little bit of a vibrational test. It’s almost as if the universe is saying to us “do you trust enough to fully open to your truth? Are you completely ready beyond a shadow of a doubt? Are you fully ready to stand in your light?

We often doubt because we don’t feel worthy. We often doubt because we can’t believe how magnificent we are. There is a light above all light, A love beyond all love, that is assisting you on your journey. It’s rather like a holy matrimony. Divine Union. A key ingredient of this is divine trust – first and foremost you must trust in yourself. You must trust in your brilliance. Your divine physiology. You must trust in your connection with Source.

This is real. However, there is an element within the fragility of the limited consciousness and thought let reality where we don’t trust. There must be vibrational trust in order for you to become vibrationally aligned.

You are guided to trust in your light. Wherever that is taking you on your journey of discovery. Never doubt that the light is with you. There is an element of handing over of the limited structures. There is an element now where we are asked to fully trust in the divine dynamics of source beyond doubt.

Perhaps there will be a period where we feel as if we are floating in a massive abyss and not attached to anything and a feeling of distortion and dissolving. This is your “house” being rebuilt.

In order for there to be rebuilding on a firm foundation there must be the dissolving of the old structures and to do this what source will do is to release anything that no longer is befitting to your vibrational alignment.

If you find yourself floating in the sea of turmoil and distortion, just hold on a little longer as the infinite geometric light fabrication is weaving its magic.

You will soon be placed on a firmer foundation beyond a shadow of a doubt where your vibration is aligned and you will move swiftly forward to a “biological” place where there is no longer doubt there is only truth, trust and expansion into the divine.

The old structures are no longer working. Everything moves in a forward motion. That which no longer serves is being removed.

Stand firm in your light and allow these waves to pass as they surely will. As nothing can be created or shifted if you remain in the same”house”. You must be open and willing for your new light abode to take a firm foundation and for this to take place we must move out of the confines of the mind and put trust in the infinite divine geometries that are assisting us as we awaken to the truth through our vibrational reality.

With love



4 thoughts on “Removing the Shadows

  1. Thank you Tammy. When I seem to be floundering, you always come through for me. Saying just what I need to hear. It means so much to me.

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