Metatronia – Supporting Attunees



I just wanted to mention that there are lots of people currently being attuned to MT. As light practitioners we are there not only to attune and support them, but we must be open to offering guidance and insight for their ongoing journey. In essence, we don’t just attune and then leave them to their own devices. We are there as an ongoing support system to support their unique journey and Ascension for as long as they require our support.

We are working with source and there is no higher resonance. We have a duty of care to support each divine soul who is embarking on the most magnificent journey.

We know and are aware that this energy is very powerful. And we will all experience our own unique connection. Within this transformation with the connection there can be physical and emotional, along with tremendous and most powerful spiritual experiences.

We are currently working on another workbook to outline source dynamics to bring some further insight and guidance. This will be ready very soon and shared to all practitioners.

What I wanted to mention is when we are opening to our true source we may experience a great upheaval in our vibrational patterning.

What this means is that there may be times of feeling a little bit low, flu symptoms, not wishing to mix with the outside world, feeling of wanting to do nothing, disconnection, or just feeling a little bit debilitated and overwhelmed. Some might be wondering what on earth is occurring within the vessel and their external, internal world/known reality.

It is true to say, there are some that reach a certain point and do not wish to cross over the “threshold”. It feels more comfortable to stay as they are and go on with their onward separated consciousness journey searching for something to be placed on the vessel that is immediately going to transform them.

True Ascension involves true alignment and the journey involves vibrational alterations. Releasing that which no longer serves and opening to the very truth that we hold within.

“For there lies within your biochemical structures, a most ancient divine strand”, in what you class as “DNA”, that is waiting for this light union through your conscious and vibrational expansion”.

As we open more light within the vessel there will be changes. This is due to the light vibration recalibration within the vessel at a biochemical level. If you can imagine we have been running a car that has a particular fuel. As source comes in, it purifies, releases, ignites, aligns and fills the vessel with its true “fuel”.

This fuel (light particles) is going to run it on and to its most optimum capacity. There is a little time of adjustment that is necessary. The more that you can come out of the mind and thought led reality and processes, and just to realise that this is a time of great realignment and recalibration.

“Something most divine is occurring within the very heart of your being. It is not something to be taken lightly or to be ignored as you are embarking on the most sacred transition”.

For how do we know we are altering if we cannot feel? And the best way that source knows for us to experience our expansion and alignment, is to feel this through vibration.

All of our senses work through our vibrational reality. That is how we are incarnate. A beautiful and most divine system that is so eloquently put together and it’s ultimate capacity is felt through vibration. This is why we have tremendous transformation. For in order for us to transform there must be changes which may be subtle or monumental. This can only occur through our vibration. Feeling, sensing, emotion, experience, physicality, mentality, and spirituality.

So be there for each soul that may come to you. Honour the light that is within you and that works through you. Honour their journey and their trust in you. Know that you yourself are greatly supported from the higher realms that work through love, harmony, honour, simplicity and above all divine truth.

With love

T xxx

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