I’ve recently been asked about The number 0010110. To be honest is the first I’ve heard of it LOL. I’m sharing some information I found and please use your discernment. For me it is in relation to cellular Automata/Quanta/photons/light photonics/divine Quanta/ binary. I am sharing my answer although it’s not conclusive I didn’t want to delve too deeply into it. I feel that some people are using it at the moment as an explanation for Ascension or whatever that will mean for them. Please always use your discernment when you come across any information.

“In answer to your question. For me it’s a binary code part of quantum relativity photonic and atomic relevance. I think a lot of humans are buying into a lot of glamours and dressings to explain ascension at this time. It’s a binary code basically. Multi photonics states. I don’t tend to get myself involved in a lot of these explanations that are coming out right now – that’s just the place I dwell, above carnal structures. But let it be whatever it is for you in whatever way it comes to you. I feel people are using it as an explanation of receiving frequency into the vessel. It is a form of binary coding. I feel many are using it as an explanation to zero point/Quanta physiology etc. , how light is entering the vessel and restructuring the DNA/light integration and biological evolution et cetera”.


Please feel free to add to this post if you so wish. My knowledge is somewhat limited as I mentioned I don’t tend to dive too deeply into these aspects or buy into Glamours.


If it is a code that people are using to strengthen their awareness of Ascension and what is happening at this moment within the very DNA of humanity then wonderful. As this is definitely what is occurring. I’ve just watched a brief video above and if you perhaps take whatever resonates for you out of that it is simply pointing to the aspect that we are awakening and if there is a number given to this that resonates with you then go with it.

Our vessel is equipped with an amazing guidance system allow yourself to open to the truth of that. What you feel resonates or what you feel is too complex and doesn’t align with your truth system. Listen to that.

Anything that is assisting our consciousness understanding of certain aspects of the awakening, aligning, and Ascension journey is a bonus. As we move into unified consciousness releasing separation. Yet let us remember that many aspects of this cannot be interpreted or understood on a linear level. They are to be felt within the living system as light emergence beyond linear functionality. It is within the heart of the vessel that divine truth, in all its glory, shall be revealed.

With love

T xxx

One thought on “0010110

  1. That was awesome. Thank you so much!!! I was hesitant for a minute thinking itd be something to that nature. That’s why I was reading comments before going further into anything. I knew better already but need to stop second guessing myself. I always believe in going with your gut instincts because it’s never a lie. It’s always kept me out of trouble for the most part!!! Anyways thank you again!!! I think what you said was deep af and awesome!!! God bless you

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