Metatronia – Taster Session


I offer training and services to support those who are embarking on their Ascension journey.

Metatronia vibration is here to assist the light evolution of Humanity at this time.

Through connection and vibrational Attunement to the light of the One, we begin to open our vessel to the truth of Source.

The energy works deep within the vessel to assist the light expansion and transformation.

Metatronia is not just energy healing and alignment, it is connection to your divine Source frequency.

It is not just about becoming a practitioner or Lightworker, the light works far beyond any glamours, identity and illusions and brings you to a place of truth within your vessel.

Those who have been attuned have found the energy assisting their alignment with their true purpose. The benefits are beyond limit.

We work from the basic levels right up to Master level, and further for those who wish to become Workshop Facilitators.

Light coaching is also offered on a one on one level for those who seek personal support for their practice or personal journey.

The packages offered are very reasonable and are classed as an investment in your awakening journey.

The energy also assists in Soul alignment and is open to all.

The vibration will enhance and initiate an upgrade to the light within the vessel and bring you to a place of divine alignment.

This is not always an easy journey as the vessel embarks on expansion into its truth.

All layers and dressings are removed so that the vessel experiences vibrational freedom.

We are working with Source light, the light of the One. This is not the same frequency as Reiki.

It works directly from Source to assist our awakening journey.

This light continues to upgrade the vessel as it surrenders on its ascending journey.

Doorways will open and divine synchronicity will ensue.

The light of the One is infinite. That same light has a purpose to awaken within every human heart the truth of our being.

We are able to now access this more “consciously’ by way of light ascending divine geometries that are applied through Attunement.

Metatronia works to enhance this experience, preparing the vessel to experience the full body/garment of light.

If anyone would like to receive a free 1-hour distant taster session please contact me at

The taster session will not provide feedback and is purely to invite your vessel to experience the light.

It is advised that a period of 7 days is given after the taster session for you to fully benefit from the session.

Handing over any expectations is key to this experience. As we hand over the vessel to the divine intelligence and conscious light, we begin to feel the vastness of love and support that Source offers the vessel.

We have Metatronia Practitioners worldwide and the vibration is ever-expanding. Our practitioners are all members of the Metatronia Foundation of Light which is an accredited and approved training provider.

We have set this up to protect the purity of this light and to support our practitioners on both a personal and professional level.

We are working with divine light geometries that are here with a specific purpose, that which is to assist our light evolution, deep into the heart of our being.

For some they are content with just receiving the energy for their own healing and alignment, for others they are working as an energy practitioner to assist others. Highly transformational, expanding infinite Source connection.

It is up to you how far you wish to go and I am here every step of the way as are our foundation members.

What I find with some who are attuned is that they only go so far with the energy and then perhaps reach a kind of threshold that feels uncomfortable.

As the vessel takes in more light it can feel uncomfortable as it moves us out of old beliefs, controls and learned behaviour.

When we align fully with our source the vessel is cleared of all that is not a vibrational match, as density cannot dwell in the higher “body” of light.

Some can get stuck at kind of a vibrational plateau.

My advice is that anyone feeling any turbulence, to know that this is the last pieces of the divine alchemical jigsaw coming into place and to release from any reactions to the vibrational turbulence you may feel.

Many are acting out from what I class as one of the “stuck” spiritual awakening levels that can find them in a place of neediness, glamour and identity.

They continue to search for something to be magically placed within their vessel that is going to do it all for them.

The dynamics of Ascension, that which we are aware of and open to, states that this is not so.

No thing is going to do that physical parts for you, the main key here is to hand over all aspects of the identity body, that which seeks attention and glamours. That which seeks to feed the ego body.

For when we are ascending on our ascension path, there comes a point, vibrationally, where we begin to understand a definitive light geometry that shifts us higher because we have passed over the identity threshold.

Identity can take many forms from behaviour, reaction, controls, glamours etc.

There is a place beyond this, a place so divine vibrationally speaking that when we reach it we will know as all is peace and vibrancy. So please go with the “uncomfortableness” if this occurs, it may not, but if it does, know that a great alignment is taking place for you vibrationally.

There is truth in the simplicity, deep silence and stillness in being.

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