Source Realisation & Harmonization


There is much occuring within the vessel electrical circuitry at this time. The vessel is taking on more vibration (Light Magnetism) through Source, which will bring great expansion and awakening.

However, through the current self-induced limits within the mind of the unconscious man, his controls and limitation are leading him on a much narrowing path. He is playing out this “influx of electricity” through an unawakened state which is causing great disruption and further vibrational misalignment.

This unawakened state and limitation in his vibration is coming to a pinacle. It is witnessed as being played out and much is being heightened at this time. There must be expansion and alignment for him to further “open” his awareness into the great, infinite Cosmos and beyond. That which lies within awaiting to flourish through the correct aligned vibrational state. The vibrational impulses/influxes (electrical conduits within the brain/synapses/Neocortex) need to be consciously aligned through the “awakened state”.

The alignment is found through awakening and allowing that in, to flow unhindered, which is divine truth – Awakening to Source and how, at this time, it is assisting human evolution. The answers do not lie in linear state or from mental execution but from the surrendering and unity which is found through Source unification.


“The mind is equipped with so many delights if only there were the conscious expansion into the great unknown, allowing the flow of the divine unhindered by linear/mental controls. There is the most magnificent light within that is waiting for the vessel to acknowledge through its own light evolution. Awakening to what lies beneath granted to each vessel through the light of Source”.

It is almost as if Mankind is experiencing a great Mal (electrical) seizure due to his unconscious state. He only knows of one level/dimension of existence and still plays out his normal role through a limited consciousness. When he awakens then the vibrations will fully align with the electricity/energy that is abundant within.

This is a “physical aspect” of ascension that man must undertake himself, to awaken to the Divine. Within and without (Inside of himself and as part, in unity with the great Light/Source, that feeds and sustains all things). Then there will be great unity and abundance, love, harmony and a state of eurphoria as man awakens to the truth of his very being.


This Great Cosmos is not only referring to awareness of the vibrations coming to him from above, but those that are already existing within him. Due to his state of slumber he is not yet aware of the magnificence that lies within, awaiting to be aligned through positivity, love and unity.

“To those aligned the most glorious gifts await him. Let the great mystery become known within the hearts and minds of all men”……

For in Man’s limited consciousness, round and round he will go until he will reach breaking point. A point where he will have no other choice but to look to the Great Cosmos. And there will be a great homecoming as the vessel aligns electrically with its true Source. There will be no limitation within consciousness.

“I am now aware of all that I am and all that I am becoming through the guiding hand of the One. Let the light unfold the great mystery to me, in all of its divinity. I am that I am. Created from the most magnificent Source”.

Molecular Thoughts

“Awaken all, to see the light that shines within”.

One thought on “Source Realisation & Harmonization

  1. What an awakening summary of everything we are experiencing at the moment, it makes so much sense on so many levels. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, thank you for passing this information on Tammy xxx


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