Organic Vessel of Light

nerve light 1

“Completely stand back, be the conduit, in the presence of Source, allow the flow of the divine, no longer do we have to fathom or explain, it just is, it so becomes, all is as One. It is all you will ever require, standing in the midst of the great awakening as we open to the One, through all of our being, we become as One. Trust in this. It is beyond linear, beyond mentality, beyond emotionality, it is, as we are, in our great surrendering and trusting, we melt and become one with Source. Let the magic begin. Perhaps this is something we are still trying to fathom within our mental body, but, Source does not work from within the mind, it beats within the heart and is the elixir of all life. Stand true in your light, and trust in what is unfolding, for Source will bring, it will provide, and it works above the mental structures. Trust in this…..beyond words, it just is… . The Human system is a conduit for divine light. Think of your nerves, the electrical systems mapping the whole vessel, the impulses, the vibration. Open your mind to the expansion of the organic vessel. It exists as source, pure light. We are divinely designed this way. Let the expansion of your being, through love and surrender, reveal unto you, your divinity”.


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