In Touch with the Rhythm of the Soul


The last few days I have had it highlighted to me how the denser energy of others can greatly impact us. Not a topic many will wish to have highlighted, nonetheless something that cannot be ignored. Not at this time of great vibrational awakening.

Abusive, addictive, dominant and controlling personalities take their toll on those that are on the receiving end. Witnessing someone in a controlling and abusive relationship, another in a relationship with someone who has alcoholic dependency who is not remotely aware of their impact on their family and others and the damage it has caused as they continue on a self-indulgent, destructive path. Also seeing the change in someone when they have taken the positive step to change things for the better. Taking a huge leap of faith without any real direction but having the trust that all will be ok.

To see it as a third party really does bring it home to you how our own energy is our responsibility and it works both ways. If we find ourselves in a controlling or abusive relationship it is for us to make the changes to bring us to a more balanced environment. It is also up to us to remove ourselves from energies that cause us to feel out of alignment.

We are not here to play to the beat of someone else’s drum. Find your own music, find your own rhythm, that which makes your heart sing and your soul dance. It is a time to let go of restriction, fear, debilitation, forced behaviour, dominant and overpowering energies that suffocate the very breath of life. Allow yourself to feel all of life through love and without condition. Allow yourself to breath every breath of life as a free spirit.

Some relationships can be very one-sided and this in itself can cause great debilitation when you are the one that is putting in 110% and trying to maintain a status quo! The Modus Operandi is about to alter as we are waking up to the importance of our vibrational harmony. Releasing that which drains and opening to that which gains! more light, more love, more harmony.

“Your divine inner compass (Heart) will show you that which is mis-aligned. It will point you always to a different way, that which brings you alignment with your true source. It wil never fail to bring you to where you need to be within your vibration”

It is a time to move into the truth and to place yourself in an environment that is more of a vibrational match. Those that take the leap of faith to change their life for the better a cyber hug goes out to you! It is not easy, but once you make the first step, the universe will support you every step of the way!

It is ok to stand up and say “that does not resonate with me any more” or “that is no longer a vibrational match for me” or if there are those that you no longer resonate with and can no longer bring yourself down to what feels like a lower frequency, let go, take that leap, move on, feel the force pulling you to the higher aligned place that is waiting for you, above the carnage, above the chaos, above the turmoil and turbulence you may currently be feeling.

For there is a higher vibrational place, which is actually your true divine resonance. In line with the Divine! 

It is often through turmoil and chaos that we truly makes steps to alter. It is as if we are brought to a point where there is no where else to go but “up”. If you are at this standing place now, know that when you make a positive step to alter something that is no longer working, that you will be supported. Anything that is not in your alignment is now dissolving and the way we notice this is through our physical vibration.

It is time to take the steps to bring your heart in line with the beat of the soul. No more living out of alignment whether through your own doing or through that of another. You are waking up to the truth of who you are through your “vibrational patterning”. Feel it, sense it, how do you feel right now, is anything causing you turbulence, inner conflict, inner disharmony. Feel free to make the choices you want that help you to become unshackeled.

“You are here to Thrive not Survive”

If you are dancing to the beat of another, bring back your own alignment through releasing the controlling behaviour of others. Source will help you to feel aligned. Anything that is not feeling perfect, loving, joyful and harmonious means that there is something just not right. It is beyond this for many as they don’t even get a chance to express themselves as they live in the shadow of another. Embrace all of you, let your heart open and let your soul sing. Stand in your own powerhouse. Regain your own light.

If there are those that no longer resonate with you or you feel uncomfortable with, then release. All that causes you disharmony, do not be afraid to release, for when there is release the energies are replaced with that of a higher, more aligned state.

There is an divine internal emotional compass (guidance system) that will tell you when anything is not aligned. You will know this as you will feel this. When you take the leap of faith and hand it all over to the Universe, instead of harbouring or putting up with, you make space for a whole new light to permeate and enter, and begin to sort things for you. Allow this light in. Allow it to show you as it will, that which is burning too much of your energy and that which you must “switch off your light” to. Not giving or feeding into the attention that some people crave through their own shallow and mis-guided reality.

Be in your light. Not in the shadow of another. You have your own burning embers and are not hear to live off the flames of another. 

Allow yourself to open to all that you are, without the weight of another holding you down. For you can make the changes today that bring you to a more balanced, aligned and harmonious state. The Universe is behind you every step of the way. Listen to your heart it will never fail you for it knows only of the aligned and divinely harmonious state, and all of your vessel resonates and is aligned to this sacred rhythm”.

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