Transmergence & Transfiguration (Reborn Anew)


Some may be sensing they are trudging through mud. Unable to do anything. Everything seems to be “on hold”. What you are used to doing now seems to be a bit of a chore. The Human vessel, along with Gaia, is in a state of “transit, transmergence and Transfiguration”. Taking on new light inside the physicality of the vessel as Gaia too is taking on an upgrade and altering her spin, alignment and freqeuncy mechanism.

Not a time to delve into technicalilties only to mention that what we are experiencing right now is “the great rewiring, transmergence & transmutation is coming to fruition”. Our vibrational state is altering in line with the divine universal plan for humanity and we are right on target although it may seem there is utter chaos. But out of this chaos as many have reported, there will become order.

“A higher state of divine equilibrium will be felt in the heart of man”. 

Just as a Caterpillar requires rest in order to “transform” into the full beauty of its divine design, so to are we experiencing such a transition. Allow time with nature, allow time for yourself, release any and all expectations and fathoming and just coming into the vibrational point with Source, the balance point where you simply just are, you are simply being. Right here right now. The Caterpillar surrenders to this process. Never questioning, just allowing..that which will be, that which is becoming, that which is part of it’s design.

“Allow the divine sacred geometric lights of the Father to move you to where you need to be for you are part of the divine structured and orderd Universe and are living in the very heart of the Mother” 

This period will pass and we  must allow our vessel (body) the time to expand into this beautiful state we are becoming. Allowing all that is to follow, as we are being reborn Anew. And with this awakening and transfiguration there is a time of “Light Stasis” (vibrational incubation period) a point of great stillness while “vibrational alterations” are underway. Don’t push against, just go with divine flow. This is why it may feel right now as if you are truding in sticky gooey mud! Listen to your vessel. It requires this restful period. Source is showing you how connected you are, how at one you are with all that is.

A time of nature, nurture and neutrality. Being at One with the One as we connect more closely in divine unison.

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