Light Foundation Emergence


“So you are feeling fragility within you that may cause you much chaos until the vibration becomes settled. A great transition period is upon you. This is verification that you are taking on more light and it is shown to you through the divine vessel in which you experience your physicality. Your true vessel is eternal and not bound to the physical. Embrace your ” becoming” as all your structures are dissolving into light and aligning into truth. As a new foundation is built so the old foundations crumble, making way for the true foundation to emerge. This is beyond structure, beyond limitation and beyond control. The fragility is only felt in that which you hold dear to you, a false foundation, a limited reality. That which you hold as dressings that burden your current garment. You hold onto that which is dear to you as you know of no other way, at this time, but this is altering, if you are open to receive, if you trust and allow the surrender mechanism. Much is opening to you in the way of truth, which you will feel through vibration and to which, through your surrendering and trust, there will be a greater connection, a new reality emerging within and around you. As  your current consciousness is being broken down to make way for an expansiveness beyond measure. There will no longer be limitation in your existence. No longer limitation in your consciousness that has been bound by time, motion, mentalization and limited communication and untruths. There will be no ceiling to your consciousness.  Your true garment exists without structure as its foundation is formed from eternal light. Your soul recognises this shift, give way to this period of fragility as it will soon pass as you move into your true foundation. That which is formed from, built upon and exists only as Light. And in this there will be a great awakening into the many parts of your Being that exist in line with the Eternal”.

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