Divine DNA


It is interesting at this time that a few vibrational aspects of our ascension are coming to the forefront, namely the alteration in the DNA structures. I wanted to share this with you, from a passage in JJ Hurtak’s Keys of Enoch – A must read for all MT Practitioners – His works is phenomenal and he articulates so well!:

537-47 – “In the larger schema at this moment, in our world of matter, the electrons are “effectively defective”.

537-48 – “The electrons are defective until they achieve the critical diameter i.e. the energy radius needed for the ultimate purpose. our electron has not “graduated”.

537-49 – “Only through the power of Metatron, ordering electromagnetic spin orientation in clustered form, can the smallest particles of the electron, be shaped into a complete wave length for the ordering and advancement of these minute forms into perfection”.

“Moving from Son of Flesh to Son of Light”…. – J J Hurtak


Many aspects of what mankind is undergoing on a vibrational level cannot and may not fully be understood. What we are beginning to understand is that we are altering within our very being. This is the verification that Source is assisting our evolution. When we become fully conscious of the divine workings taking place within the very heart of our Being, then we are embarking on the path of true awakening.

“Through all the paths that we may stumble upon ultimately this will lead to the ONE”.

We are feeling a quickening in what is occurring, what is transmuting and part of this we will begin to feel as coming away from filling up the mind thought led reality. It is pulling us away from feeding into this old limited conscious concept and allowing us to be more freely from living right here right now. Opening our vessel to the universal consciousness. This is nothing new. It has been taught for Eons. What is new is that we are now more consciously aware of our “becoming”.

We can often get lost in words and I personally am moving away from explanations, choosing to just be in line with the divine light harmonics, pulling us more and more into just being, where so much will be revealed to us.

I wholeheartedly advise you to read this book as it offers great insight and explanation to which I feel is unsurpassed. It is without ego, without controls, just free-flowing divine intel!

We are living it now…we are aware of all of this now…and it is phenomenal! xx

I am so looking forward to the fun and connection we are going to experience at the Sedona and San Diego workshops this year 15th May and 20th May gatherings. (See www.metatronia.com for event details).

15th May 2017 – Escondido – San Diego 5.30pm to 9.30pm Private Gathering 


20th May 2017 – Sedona Life Center, Sedona – 10am to 4pm 


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