Releasing Linear Structuring


This is really funny but I’m trying to get more organised with a mammoth load of materials that we have for MT but as I’m trying to get structured and more organised I’m being pulled away from having my mind so intent on being structured and organised in a linear fashion as in I feel I am being pulled away more and more from structures and being lead more to just allowing things to be as all this does not matter in the grander scale .

So I find it very amusing and just wanted to share that there is a feeling at this time of moving/ coming away from structures and just being with divine flow more and more. It feels quite intense at times trying to use the mind to structure things when all it wants to do as directed by source is just to be. At times we may feel a “fogginess” appearing. Feeling as if we just don’t want to do anything and that’s absolutely fine . It is as if the “vessel” can no longer function as it used to….and this is due to “an alteration in linear structuring”….right down into our cellular structure.

It’s just source saying to us take a break because it really doesn’t matter ! we have been asked to just let go and flow which is actually quite magical as it allows us to open up to the divine more and more and the many wonders therein. Freeing up the mind – coming to a place of great stillness as discussed in the source meditation that I did last night.

As you are immersed in great bliss and peace. A great expanse of energy was felt and releasing the constraints we put on ourselves at times and just allowing – to be a free spirit so much so I feel quite drunk today drunk on divine light the greatest Elixir there is !

Source is guiding us to really be in our alignment. To really feel the truth of our being. And if we are working too hard or pushing against the flow, then there is a time of relaxation and release required. We are moving away from structure and we can feel this in our vibration. So rather than pushing against the tide, we are being guided to just surrender into the infinite flow.

Things are eternally altering, changing, phases of our life, passing and upgrading. Many of us are feeling the “turning of the tides”…..allow this process…trust in all that is becoming….being unveiled and go with divine flow. Source will show you through your vibration.

Remembering – Source is the greatest elixir that man can ever have and that there is order through chaos!

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