Releasing Your Fragilities – Rebirthing into Source

We all have our fragilities. It is part of the “human experience”. To be able to trust someone enough to show them your fragility is nothing to be ashamed of. Rather embrace it as something that has been shown to you, to let go of, finally, to release. We all hold energies within our vessel (body) that will show themselves, when we can finally see an energy for what it is, and where it has come from, and then say ok I now release you, we then begin a divine healing process. So do not be ashamed of your fragilities. Let them shine through and then release them. For it takes wonderful trust and spirit to be able to share and let this go. It is making you transparent through your own truths, allowing the light to burn through that which no longer serves, allowing you to see divine truth, allowing you to be at peace within your vessel.

Our vibration is going through a great alignment process at this time. There are some “fragilities” that we may be harbouring, deep in the emotional and mental recessses. These are being uncovered. They may at this time, show themselves as emotional outbursts, fragility, instability, internalisation. As we journey this physical life, from birth many hold and retain memory in the physicality of the vessel (body), we have many experiences, some traumatic, some leaving a lasting vibrational imprint. Some so much that they become our very existence. All of this is being burnt through and showing itself on the surface, for you to acknowledge and finally let go of.

You can choose to react to them or you can choose to open, release, let go, free up and become transparant. To see why it is you have these reactions, these programmings and for one last time hold them up and release them. There is nothing wrong in showing your fragility. But it is time to let them go. One by one they are being released into the grand Aether. So that what is left is transparancy. Nothing held within the human system. If we do not release the patterns repeat, round and around, and round and around limits us. It will literally eat you up and consume the very essence of light. It will keep you fixed in a vibrational point that is limited, instead of releasing and opening to the light that is limitless.

I do not mind disclosing that one of my fragilities is abandonment. I was abandoned by my Father when I was 14. I did not realise what an impact this would have and hold within my vibration as I grew up. It caused me to be isolated at times and to not allow close friendships for fear of abandonment. It caused me to not feel comfortable with close relationships for fear of being left alone or abandoned again. My Father left me with a feeling that I had done something wrong, that there was something wrong with me and that I was not to be loved, and I began to live my life through very high expectation not only of myself but of those around me. I became very defensive and quite isolated as for me if I was like this, in this safe haven, no one could hurt me again.

This, although at the time felt right, it was not my vibrational truth. It was a situation that greatly impacted my vessel, through my conscious interpretation of the emotionally traumatic event. So many of our vibrational patterning that is outside of our alignment is often from an outside occurrence/event outside of ourselves. When we are able to understand and look at why we have certain vibrational imprints and behavioural patterns, we can then begin to easily let them go. They no longer form part of our being. For me this was behaviour that was not serving me well, perhaps in certain situations it has but overall it has been a frequency that is no longer forming part of my divine light matrix. It has served to a point to show me, and now is being released.

We feel it necessary to form an identity. something that makes up who we are, but within this identity what occurs is that the identity holds onto every aspect and experience that we have had. With ascension we are releasing the identity, we are becoming transparent, so that the vessel is able to completely hold the full light spectrum.

In the initial stages of the journey we sense, we feel, we experience, we release, and then we move up a step, rather like a ladder, healing, release, alignment then great shifting, to a point where the identity is released, the controls abandoned, the experiences dissolved so that we evaporate into Source – pure essence of spirit. We no longer harbour experience, we dissolve into the purity of light. Source does not require our idenity, as we ourselves are not our identity. That is an earthly construct. An earthly survival mechanism.

Another side from this is that believe that each experience that we have has a specific purpose and is “orchestrated” to lead us to a certain place. Mine have certainly led me to seek out the light, the highest form of love that can be bestowed to us, that being the essence of Source.

When we link with source we have our vibrational patterning laid bare, that is, whatever we may hold onto that is no longer part of our higher vibrational patterning, it can be highlighted then dissolved/released.

Some of these vibrations just are not our truth. We may hold onto them as they become our armour, our defense. We do not require these defenses.

It is time now to allow ourselves to release all of our fragilities. There may be certain people that you love and trust enough to show these to. So let them in, let them see, and with this reveal there will follow a greater connection to the true love within your soul. Through this reveal you are beginning to fully open to and trust your divine alignment.

“Let Source reveal unto you”

The light of Source will always show you divine truth, especially throughout your very being. Allow the light to shine and unveil to you the divine.

In order for us to ascend, we must be willing to let go of all the aspects of the self, so that we may open and be rebirthed into our true vibration”.

“I  now release my identity allowing my vessel to encompass the full light spectrum of Source”

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