Let Source Reset Your Circuitry

The light always surrounds you, always. Energy is shifting rapidly. The light grows ever stronger.

 We are guided to be in our light more so than ever before. Seek it from within you not outside of you. For much is altering within you. Your truths will be revealed to you as you connect deeply within. You are crystallized energy in form. And you are formless. No restrictions, bountiful, free, illuminated Beings.

When you are in moments of lower vibration begin a wave of vibration from your mind/brain Center. The middle of the head. Feel that wave pulsating and moving down through the front of your being down to your feet. See it pass back up behind you up back into the brain centre and begin again in a circular wave. Down the front of the body, back up behind to the top.  Build it up stronger and stronger each cycle. So it becomes a cycle and circuitry of divine light pulsation. Feel it buzzing, pulsating. Shifting your vibrational patterning to the higher light resonance.

 When you feel the momentum with ease allow the energy to permeate the souls of the feet and move deep down to the Center of the earth where it connects to the Gaia fire, core magma at the Center of Mother Earth. Stay there a while, grounded, connected.

 As the fire illuminates your powerhouse of light, recharging every part of every part of you. Release from the flames when you feel ready. Then rest.

 Metatron, Jesus (Jeshua/Yeshua) and Thoth are guiding us at this time. A lot of ancient coding and keys are being released. We will share this to you as we decipher. We bring to mankind the tools to shift. Be in your light dear ones. Feel the flame and fire of the One within the heart of your soul. Igniting, rebirthing, alignment. Rejuvenation. Feel it, live it, breath it.

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