A PERSONAL JOURNEY WITH SOURCE (Through the light of Metatron)


(An excerpt from “Metatronia Therapy” Book by Tammy L Majchrzak – Revised February 2017 – available through Amazon & Createspace)

I had to feel every part of the healing & Alignment process but from a higher level. To understand fully what it is that is happening as we allow ourselves to open fully to the arms of Source. Some of the experiences I have not the vocabulary for but do my best to put into words the frequency and pure vibration of this Light System.

It really feels as if the veil is being lifted, to show us a glimpse of endless possibilities. Energies that are waiting to work for us and have been doing for many years, but finally have found a way to bring in this light on a level that mankind can vibrationally understand. It helps us to learn, surrender and trust and perhaps make a few sacrifices, that of control and the ego…being one of many sacrifices…but a very freeing experience when we fully open and trust.

On my own journey, and it still continues, I am learning that the more I come out of the mind and thoughts and just allow myself to be, the more is uncovered and revealed to me. As if it is some sort of divine light calibration, as if there is a specific light resonance, like a code vibration that I have to be in, a state of bliss, of nothingness, where Source fully opens so beautifully to me. I have found that it is very much about being at a specific resonance, a specific electro-magnetised spin ratio, that links us directly with source. It is our divine light calibration. It is very much about being still and knowing from a deep place within. A place that is eternal, within our heart. A place where we become totally at one with all, all of which may sound a bit cliche, but it is very much about being a part of everything and everything being a part of me. Awakening to the divine plan and ordered universe where, and perhaps this is the greatest key – when we match that magical frequency, that magical spin in our electrons! We link directly with Source unhindered and there the magic begins. We can create, we can manifest and at this special place the door is truly wide open. That is Sacred Geometry, that is divine magic, that is the truth of source. 

This is what Metatron is guiding us to do, to become, to open into, Our higher core resonance. The exact light vibrational blueprint that we are so divinely designed to resonate at. And much of this is to do with releasing the old ways, patterns, behaviours that are vibrational in nature. For all things have a resonance. All are divinely designed. Mankind did not design us this way, Source, the Creator did and as we are designed in his very image, then so to we are awakening to the truth of this through our vibrational matching. It can and will be no other way, that man ascends, through his vibrational linkage with the Creator life force. When this occurs there is a great secret and mystery revealed to the beholder!

Is belief a part of this journey? Of course it is. But let us break this down. Do you believe in yourself? Yes or no? If yes, then you are half way to this beautiful reconnection. If you don’t believe in yourself then much work is needed. But the word “believe” is such a powerful one. Allow your vessel to expand into the All. Do not limit yourself to what you think you now know. Let yourself dissolve into the all. 

Metatronia vibration bypasses the linear mind’s wanting to understand everything, and goes straight to the reassurance through physically feeling this energy working…that is how you believe and trust and open up. And then you fully believe as you have felt and experienced.

My love, honour and endless gratitude are given to the Trilogy Masters, for the lessons they have shown me, the gifts they continue to bring. I know through feeling and experience that you to will be astounded at this beautiful connection. 

The journey that begins for us is very much about opening ourselves up and letting the light fully in, this direct, divine light comes to us now to free our soul and enable us to become stronger and more connected to divine Source. Full revealing of the divine self. 

The journey I had, in being part of the creation of this MT, I would not change it for the world. The experience itself has been amazing. It showed me that there is a very thin veil between the different vibrational dimensions of existence. That often, when we ask, we receive but not in the way we thought or visualized.  

The journey to the Soul can be a painful one. It is the ego that will fight. That will try and sabotage as it fights for its right to survive, fighting to keep an identity it understands, that it has become. That feels that is the all. It does not want to give up that which it can truly control and take ownership of. Surrender and just allow this process to happen for you. You will never look back as you begin to “vibrationally” understand who you truly are.

If I were to leave this earthly life tomorrow I would do so with such love and gratitidue for Source revealing itself to me and many secrets therein. I would go to the life beyond with a heart so full of love and gratitude knowing that we are part of something so magnificent and that as human beings it is our journey to assist our fellow man in unveiling our divine truth. Allowing our vessel to open fully to Source. I will have learned to recognise the importance that when there is vibrational imbalance that our vessel (body) will direct us to that, and Source will show us where the answers lies to come back into alignment. That we are designed to resonate at a certain ratio and when are not aligned we can be brought back to point. We must learn to recognise this as Human’s Being. Knowing that we have so much to discover within our vibration, that we are not alone, that Source is our very essence and we do not stand alone. If we let this energy fully in, and accept and allow, within our consciousness, a great shift will begin across the whole of human-kind. It is only awaiting our conscious awakening. And the greatest shifts come when we can say to ourselves “Ok, so I thought I knew it all, but I guess there are some things I don’t  know, and when I fully surrender to this, then something very magical is going to occur”. Our Key lies in our Surrendering of the current systems not only within our mind but what we have created around us from a vibrational rigidity. 

I live in awe and eternal gratitude for the light of Source and how it so magically serves us. 

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