Vibrational Reality – The Truth of Vibrational Alignment

A lonely birthplace

It is a time when great vibrational truth is being shown to you. That which no longer serves your alignment or may be causing you disharmony is being shown to you and must be released. Be true to yourself first and foremost and wake up to your vibrational truth. Much truth is being unveiled so that situations can be resolved and energies aligned. As the lightbody will not harbour or carry density.

Anyone or anything that does not sit within your alignment will now show itself to you as a negative vibration. A  misalignment in your electro-magnetic energy field. Anything that has not yet been resolved is being brought to the forefront to be released. Density is no longer to be held onto but is dissolving so that you can live harmoniously. The heart feels this density and can make you feel unhappy, lethargic, ungrounded, out of sorts, de-pressed – all of the states of being that are of a negative polarity, weigh us down, brings us out of positivity. The heart is designed to live from positive vibration.

Some may be feeling needy or seeking attention and when that attention is not brought they can begin to internalise and a feeling of not being complete is magnified. We are guided that we are complete and whole. It is only our misguided reality that brings a feeling of want and lack and needing to seek attention, to fill a gap, to fill something that we feel is missing. The mind feels lack and feels something is missing. In truth nothing is lacking or missing if we begin to live from the heart.

The mind is always seeking answers. The heart is complete and is the gateway to the eternal. It does not seek, for it already has all.  Through the mind we seek the great mystery, where as the heart already knows the answers! Allow eternal love light to flow from your centre (Heart) and thus the elixir of all life will flow unhindered. All becomes balanced, all becomes as One in great unison with the eternal Sun/Son.

“Let the teachings of the eternal light be known to man through the gateway of the Heart”

Now is the time to stand in your light and to let go of anything that no longer sits within your harmonized and aligned vibration. It is a time of great awakening and alignment and with this much is dissipating, dissolving and being highlighted so that you can step away from that which does not resonate within your lightbody. You are being unchained.

Let yourself be free and open to resonate at the highest frequency. Do not feel that you have to oblige others or put up with energies that are no longer acceptable. Anything that is heavy or dense will be felt as just that. Weighing heavy in your vibrational sphere. So let it go. If something is no longer working it is no longer being held in your energy body. It is being released and renewed.

Some relationships are dissolving and this is enabling you to stand in your true light. When you carry the weight and density of others it will weigh heavy within your heart, and as you ignore and keep bending under the pressure what will occur is an outburst where truth is being shown to you through vibration. If it is not witnin your alignment it causes you to be out of alignment. This can have a great impact on your vibration.

Be who you are divinely designed to be, through your vibrational reality. That time is now. You may have bent and wavered under the density of others around you. Springing back and forth, back and forth, negative to positive, light to dense, dense to light, which can become very tiresome. It takes its toll on your polarity and burdens the heart with a false reality.

Our vessel “polarity” is no longer able to carry this old frequency. It can cause great frustration and can begin to affect your mental and emotional vibration. It is no longer to be a focus, rather to be let go of so that there is greater alignment and freedom within your energy body.

Fill your life with positivity right down to those that share your every day life as positivity will feed positivity. Bring light and love to all that you come into contact with, this will positively affect their polarity. Light brings love. Love brings life.

Now is the time to stand in the truth of who you are, removing any density that is around you. You are not here to bend to others, rather it is all about divine flow, ease, love and lightness. Anything that weighs heavy is being removed.  It is time to let go and trust in what is being vibrationally shown to you”.

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