Meta-Tronicles – The Voice of Inner Silence – July 2014

We are reminded today to seek the voice of silence. To seek the sound of stillness and to know the love of the One that resides within us. There is no powerful a sound in the universe than that of inner silence. Bathe in it daily. Be it as much as you can. And from this silence much truth, divine truth, and knowledge will be found.
As we journey on our Awakening and Ascension path we come to a point where there seems to be a lull, nothingness almost. We question our connection and if the light is actually there. The answer to this is “yes” the light is always there, but in times of nothingness and lull moments, is when we are asked to draw deeper within ourselves for the trust and love, honour and connection with the One True Divine Light.
For it never leaves us. The nothingness moments are the moments of the greatest connection. It is within ourselves that we lift up and out and become more in our alignment. So if this time is upon you please trust. There is nothing you need to do right now other than trust that the Universal light is within you, forever shining, and a shift is upon you. Seek stillness, peace, silence and divine connection within yourself through this silence. It is within this silence that much can be found.
Mankind has a way of disconnection from source light within his linear mindset, or lower vibrational mindset, or so he believes. The light does not leave us, only our thought process that believes it to be so. Perhaps this is something to ponder over just for a short while. The light it never leaves us.

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