Meta-Tronicles – Vibrational Imprints


Your vessel (body) from the moment you are born, even before this actual incarnation, comes in as a vessel designed from pure light frequency. A “Zero-Point” Vessel of divine light magnificence. As it comes to Earth and is “born into the flesh” it then begins to feel the density of the “mass conditioned” vibration that streams upon the Planet.

The vessel is not designed to live in such density and so it begins to conform and degrade in its vitality/essence. We begin to forget that which we are. Vibrational imprinting begins to settle in the “physicality”, “Mentality” and”emotionality” of that vessel, being that the systems become overwhelmed by a difference in frequency to that of its divine blueprint.  We become “conditioned” to density in being. We become too grounded in the physical. Too occupied by the mental. Too occupied by the emotional. Ignoring the ethereal.

In our conscious awakening we are removing vibrational imprinting and bringing our vessel back to its optimum frequency – that which it is designed to be. No longer harbouring the density but embracing and recognising the true divine flow, our true divine form.

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