Meta-Tronicles – The Awakening Process – 23rd May 2013

“Be not tied by bounds or restrictions or governed by rigidity and rule. For you are Light omnipresent. This cannot be given to you or learned, for it is already within you. Each and every one of you. The only key is to feel and to sense the everlasting light within and around you, everlasting”.


“Dear Ones, be troubled not by your awakening process. You are being brought out of the mental, 3D linear mind set into an abundant growth into the higher realms of reality, consciousness and higher vibrational awareness. The old ways of thinking and being, perpetual motion of constant thought is releasing. We guide you to know and trust in the energy you are working with. That is all around you.

There is much occurring right now and we ask that you trust in the alignment process. Search not for things to align you, rather be in your alignment. For you have all the tools you need right here right now. We talk to you through coding, light, vibration, sensing, feeling, thoughts, deep processes. But we are unable to move you if you are constantly searching. Do you see? Do you feel? The essence of alignment is in the trusting of what you already have within you right here right now. Search no more. Look, feel, sense, explore of course, but there is nothing to add, other than your trusting and deep surrender to what you are “already” attuned to.

Much personal growth, coming out of the old self. Lifting higher in your vibration. Trust. Sense your expression, your light. Sense your vibration, your inner feelings. Contentment is a great inner key to soul alignment. Search not, fear not, worry not. Rid yourself of the inner turmoil and confusion. Create not the thoughts of needing but rather surrender and allow your light to show you. You already have all of this.

The key is in higher vibrational awareness. Much of you feel this already. Most of you struggle still with demands and expectation. Drop all of this. For we will connect with you far greater if you allow this all to dissolve. No expectation, no pushing, no wanting. All is in divine order. You will see.

There is great turmoil on the earth plane presently. Much is occurring as we bring much alignment. Mankind’s’ ignorant expression of this turmoil often comes in the form of violence and behaviour that stems from a negative mindset. A mind that is not ready or indeed wishing to let go to the powers of the higher realms. We ask that you stand in your light.

Regardless of what may be occurring around you. Be the light, the higher vibration. Sending love and healing to all of humanity at this time. For it is what seems and endless journey. An endless battle between good and evil. Let go of all of this. Stand in that light and do your part to raise the vibration. Often the vibration becomes lower before it has the realisation of the higher light. Much indeed is occurring.

Above all, through the turmoil you feel, for the events that occur, the higher light will always prevail. Do not concern yourself with fear of the light being dimmed. This will never occur. What is happening within the earth plane dimensions is a fight for survival. A need to be in control. A need to be right. Great competitive ego state of the 3D mindset. This comes in many forms, many forms indeed. Ignorance is not the answer, however, knowing of the higher order that is in place and the divine light that surrounds you carries you through. There will always be duality, always. It is required for balance.

A pull is felt that is altering man. So that he is able to lift out and be the man of light. Perfection in form. But there is always duality. Light with dark, night with day, cold with hot, black with white, male with female, and so on. Always duality. It is required for balance. It only makes the light stronger.

So fear not and worry not. Be your light. Stand in your vibration. The higher light. For those that do not see the light or fear it we are here to guide them in many forms, many forms. The key is to be here and now, right here, right now, as you read these words. Feel the presence of yourself right here right now. This is your key to unfolding much within yourself. Trust in this process.

Be concerned not for the light of others when it dims, or when there is display so grave that your heart sinks. Remain in your light. We know you feel. We know you take on and we know you yearn for a brighter tomorrow. Take on not the burdens of the earth, rather to do your work in the light, however small you feel you are, the work you do is of great service and may not be comprehended at a 3D level but we ask that you continue. However small you feel you are, know you are far greater than this. Far, far greater. Oh Warrior of Light.

Be in your true essence, whatever way that you have connected to, that brings the light in for you. Be at ease within yourself with the knowledge that all is in divine order. Take time to rest and realign. For there is indeed much occurring but the light will always carry you through.

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