Meta-Tronicles – Moving up into the Light – September 2013

We endlessly seek the divine guidance from above to assist us on our Ascension path. Metatron guides us, as he always has, to be in our light. At times this journey is not easy as we try and reach our state of alignment with the One. Endlessly searching for the one thing that can bring us that which we seek so earnestly.  We are left with this today:
“As you search you seek, but you may miss what lies already within you. In the heart there lies the keys to all that you require. Within you already lies that which you need. For you are of the highest light. It is and always has been with you. 
Perhaps you seek direction, always searching, always needing to know, always expectation. We ask that you drop the expectations and the need to search. We ask that from within you, you begin to release and let go, allowing the sacred silence of your light to shine through. 
For when there is constant thought and emotions there is vibrational turbulence, bringing you out of alignment. This is the major key in your alignment journey. For you to know that, that which you seek, is within yourself. 
The silent harmony of the One is within you, always within you. There are no miracles, other than your knowing acceptance that you yourself are that miracle. You yourself are that divine light. This is not outside of your grasp, this is already held within you. 
So we assist to bring you to the place within where there is great stillness and harmonious union between, body, mind, heart, spirit, soul, emotion. We bring you the trilogy symbol to bring that harmony to you. Be still and know. 
Rest and allow yourself to be rejuvinated. And when you ask, know we are here…and when you ask further and seek know we will answer. But we ask that your part in this is to BE OPEN TO RECEIVE. 
Do not load your system with endless thoughts, endless seeking….in your silence we will reach you, in your peace and harmonious state you are right in alignment….know this and feel this…for within your harmonious alignment the door is open”. 

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