Meta-Tronicles – Light Emergence


As this new year begins, January 2017 is bringing a great awakening into the sensation and reality of the “body electric”. That is, you are experiencing and sensing the sensation of the divine light present within. The divine light that you are. Your divinity is emerging.

Human Beings are becoming aware of the divine light synthesis. Sensing the human form as above and beyond just a physical vessel. The light electricity is so abundant and awakening within the very truth of your Being. It cannot be explained for it is felt, it is vibration, it is sensational.

You are in a time of divine light emergence. This is no longer a concept that you hold away from you or dream of, but you are now awakening to the truth of your light emergence.

What once was revered is now being felt physically witnin the vessel. The human form is not just a physicality but a vessel of omnipresence. You have the very essence of all of creation held within the heart of your Being.


Some may be experiencing a sense of dissolution, dissolving and disappearance. The egoic body dissolves giving way to an almost sense of evaporation. A Being of immense love, immense vitality, immense vibration, immense belonging, immense expansion, just so immense, part of the all, at one with everything. The separation has vanished. The vessel so light in its beingness. A vessel that houses divine love, and has no place for any other vibration other than those of the highest light chords. Idealisms dissolved, controls dissolved, constraints dissolved, rigidity dissolved. All that you are now surfacing in a vessel so pure and so light.

Embrace the light emergence. It does not require fathoming, for it just is, your truly designed light emerging. For you are ready to fully experience all that you are, through vibrational awakening, expansion, unification and dissolution.

Feel it in the very heart of you, the very breath you take, the expansion of the human vessel as it is now ready to fully emerge in all its divinity. The Creator life force pulsating throughout every cell of your being. Awakening to your truth through vibraitional reality.

Source has spoken unto you through vibration, as it fills your vessel so let it be known – the divine creation that you are.

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